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Have you been searching ebay? Also, try Craigslist.


i did but on there they are like a 100$ but i only can spend like 30-50$

United Kingdom

Add it as a saved search on ebay and wait for one to come up in your price range. I don't know what it's like over that side of the pond but over here the price of Omnibots change quite a lot all the time, my first cost me only slightly less than the last I got and the first was just the bot, the last was bot, tray, base, box... pretty much everything.

But if it's like that over there then it's a waiting game and some good ebay sniping.

Good luck.


I hate to say it but since EZ-Robot has gotten more popular there are many more people bidding and willing to pay more to get one. It may be a coincidence but that's what I notice. With that being said, eventually all those who did win the bid before might not bid for a second. So do as Rich said and make that saved search that emails you when it becomes available. If there is a buy it now price, jump on it! It's how I got my Mr Clock Radio head.


Hi Guy's and Gal's,

I just have to say " Keep buying and keep hacking these Omnibots because it will make mine only go up in price "

I'm not saying don't hack stuff I do it myself, I have a mint condition Omnibot 5402 in the retail box which is in the shipping box and it WILL NOT BE HACKED!


Remember these are becoming very rare and the price will only go up!


United Kingdom

I hope you're right @putt putt. While mine isn't in the outer box it is in the retail box (which has seen better days but better than nothing right), complete with the polystyrene inserts. The bot that come with it was worse than the one I bought to hack so it has been swapped over.

But I will say that some people seem to think what they have is worth more than it actually is. One on ebay UK at the moment is on for a starting bid of 111 plus 9 shipping, it's far from complete and no where near worth that. It's worth about 20 plus shipping... I've seen some worldwide listings for insane prices, they never sell but still, some are up for around 500 (roughly $700-800 I think)... crazy!

It's really interesting watching the auctions sometimes and it's given me a really good idea on how much some robots go for.

Another tip to pick up an omnibot (or anything on ebay) is, if you have a smart phone with the ebay app you can set it to notify you the second something matches a saved search, it comes in handy for those buy it now items that are really low prices or just very very rare. It also helps if you don't have a regular sleep pattern, that's how I got hold of my Robosapien (really, who lists something to finish at 2:30am?)

And be strategic with bids, it annoys me when I sell something but when I buy something I always wait until the last minute (or last few seconds actually) before putting in a first bid, it helps keep the price down a little but at the risk of losing it.


ty i will try to get some before they go up that high :)


Here are a couple. You choose. ;)

Option 1

Option 2

But seriously there are a couple on there right now for less than $50 plus shipping. Guys, please let him have first crack at it. :)

United Kingdom

My first was 50 I think, not sure what that is in $ something around $70? But it was in great condition and wasn't bought to hack, until I discovered ez-robots.

My second I got for 60 and was complete with box etc. so only 10 difference. But the Omnibot is very grubby and there is corrosion on the battery terminals so that is swapped for the first, and this one being used possibly for spares on the Hearoid project (if I go too wrong) or to be hacked, maybe even sold on depending on how they sell over the next few weeks.

My Hearoid (Omnibot body but new head - like Robbie Sr) was 50 too.

Over here that's what they go for unless complete, which is why I was surprised to win the last one for 60.

Good luck with the bidding.


Hey , I posted mine at $10,000 as a joke but after seeing those other posts welllll ! any takers? :)

Just kidding, I agree some people are off there mark in a normal world, But , this world isn't normal and too many of the next gen folks have seen ridiculous frivolous purchases all over the world and hope to land the big one in one fell swoop.

I always look at it this way, Have you ever seen a Hurst pulling a U-hall to the grave yard? I haven't.



I knew you were, so I wanted to post how ridiculous some really are. :)

(Found a couple hearses pulling trailers on google images. :D)


lol yea i think those are a little pricey


You may be able to email this seller to get this guy. But yes a good condition omnibot is gradually going up in price.

United Kingdom

Just don't buy of this guy (UK based so probably doesn't effect many here)

I knew it looked familier, it's one I was watching a few weeks back and it went for just under 30

Now he wants 120 for it? Hmm... good luck with that one...


So whats the story behind that mr2? Did he think win Me would be better or somthing? Lol just kidding


i would get that one you listed jstarne but the shipping is expensive stress

United Kingdom

Offer to find/organise your own shipping, some sellers prefer this too. Then find a cheaper shipper. It's worth a shot.