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Omnibot 2000 Riser

Want to make your Omnibot 2000 bigger? You can print this out and stack em up to the height you need your little guy to grow. The vertical striations are because I only printed it one shell thick for speed.

User-inserted image

The 3D STL parts


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Good idea, that thanks man!
Thanks. Added an additional 150mm/6" height with the riser. BTW, this is Omni's favorite part of the movie. Still need to put a good coat of paint on the risers.

User-inserted image
Do you have the .step file incase people want to make changes?
The stl file link is at the bottom of first post. I would encourage people to make changes.
Say if you don't have a 3D printer @leversofpower and someone like myself is interested in the riser, right shoulder and neck upgrade parts? would you sell if you made it for those that are interested?
I don't do printing for business. However the file is public domain and you could contact xlrobots.com and they would print them for you.
Would you happen to have any more stl files on the omni 2000? especially the head and arms?