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Omnibot 2000 Idea

Has anyone thought about this option for thier Omni 2000? Put Mr. Clock Radio head on it! If it fits and is visually appealing it would be awesome!

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I've seen them as cheap as $40 but mostly they were about $60-70.


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That would be amazing, I also thought that head but did not fit the size of my robot, I think it would be a perfect omni2000, plus you can make a hole above the eyes to mount the camera. *eek*
or lower about where a nose would be. :/
I would try it but Omni 2000s are getting expensive on eBay.
@ flick click. , I sold a omnibot 2000 on eBay and it only went for about 150
@glick click. Post a link or two of somone I can buy this from. This may work really well with my iron man theme , I been looking unsuccessfully , pls help:)
To tell the truth I just set up a search for Mr Clock Radio on eBay with email alerts. There were 2 last week but now theyre sold. Sooner or later it will pop up again.:)
Iron Man sounds cool. It looks more like Iron Giant though. LOL:D