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Omnibot 2000 Drivetrain Motors

Anyone know a good place to find 2 replacement motors ? Would like them to be about the same size so I dont have to fiddle with the gear box to much


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Forgot to mention I also have the original motors from the arms and claws. Not sure if those would work
I have higher torque replacements. They are mabuchi 12 volt motors. There are several motors that fit the size requirements but not torque. I can get them for you for 8 bucks each plus SH , I bought spares thinking others may find the high torque motors hard to find.
How much torque vs the normal motors he comes with?
MABUCHI LARGE HIGH TORQUE MOTOR 12V 5500RPM, would this Motor work for a replacement for the Omnibot 2000? I am looking into replacing the Drive Train. Also I was told that you are the one that knows about what Battery to use and how to configure the power, could you give me some pointers such as model of battery and how to distribute the power between the EZ-B and drive train, also I am looking to put high power servos in the arms, any advise as to what voltage regulators to use and how to wire this all up? I am thinking of putting a Intel Minnow motherboard for onboard control of the robot so I would also need the correct power for that board. Thanks, Clint
Jstarne1 how do I get in contact with u about getting 2 of those motors?
Can someone please tell me what the specs are for  buying a replacement motor or where I can order one?I recently bought an Omnibot 200 and discovered one of the motors was missing (not the small one)
Thank you!
Are there any markings on the motor you have left? A brand or model number would likely really help.

I know that the Omnibot 2000 used a 6V lead-acid battery so the motor was likely rated for 6V or lower. I don't know the RPM or the current draw of the motor but maybe you can find that info elsewhere.

There's some info on the old robots page: https://www.theoldrobots.com/omni2k.html
Hi, thanks for taking the time to respond. I couldn’t find any markings on the remaining motor but I will definitely check out the link.