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Omnibot 2000 , Can I Use The Bv Hbridge Dj Sent?

Hey guys I'm pondering options here. Basically I just recieved the bv hbridge from dj and it says that its good for 1.5 amps. I assume this is per channel. I have the Omnibot 2000 and it weights 12 to 15 pounds more so I'm wondering what the motors draw in amperage normally and if I should use the 1.5 amp bv hbridge. As a alternative backup I have a 10 amp hbridge litterally a little bigger that ezb and I wonder if I should just use that ? User-inserted image


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I use the bv in my omnibot 2000. :)


@DJ - when are you going to get some more motor controllers in? Bob is waiting....

@jstarne1 - if you decide not to use DJ's motor controller I would be interested in aquiring it....just sayin'