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Ominbot 2000

Hi, I just bought an old Omnibot 2000. She is not in good shape, one arm is broken. I want to keep her mostly stock, but add sensors, camera, and servo's on all the joints to make her have full mobility, also I want her neck to have a wider range of motion. I don't have the time and money to do some of the Mods I have seen on this site and others. I have been watching Greekpappa's Omnibot 3000 build and that is waaaay beyond what I would like to do. However, I really need a parts list or something, as in what are the best servo's to use in the neck and arms, what camera is best (I would really like to connect it directly to an onboard computer, not Bluetooth) I am looking at Intel's new Minnow board. I want to keep the wheels of the drive train, but don't know if I should change out to better than stock motors on the wheels, also should I use an H-bridge or a Sabertooth for an Omnibot, and lastly what battery is best for her, what voltage and amperage should I use and how should I distribute the power between the EZ-B, Drive Train and servos ( if I need more than the 5v the EZ-b puts out.) I know this is a lot, but I am new to Robotics, I work in the I.T. field and can build and work on computers, but I an a noob when it comes to building a robot, I just thought this could be a good Father/Son project. Thanks ahead of time for all of your help. Clint Garrison

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If I were you, I would checkout Matt's build. It is not complicated or expensive it is simple and it works. I am using a windows8 tablet ($250 on ebay brand new) that Josh recommended. Yeh, GreekPapa's build is AWSOME! The sabertooth should work just fine. The battery that Josh suggested is the best. On ebay, they are two for $37.50 including shipping. Most of us are using the BUCK voltage regulator that comes from ebay. It is very cheap. It shows the voltage in and out and you can adjust it. I have two on mine. One takes 12.6volt batteries and regulates it to 12.6 volts (really did not need this one.) The other takes 12.6V and regulates it to 7.2 for the EZB and servos. The 12.6 goes to the H-Bridge which also works fine. (cheaper than the sabertooth.) Follow riches tutorial on hooking up to a separate supply for the servos or you can buy the little servoPC which is about $20. D.J.'s new Revolution EZB has wireless instead of bluetooth.

Hope that this helps. It will make an Excellent Father/Son project.

Good Luck!


Thank you for the information, this will really help me in getting started and gives me ideas about how I want to proceed in creating the Omnibot. As of now I am still waiting on my robot to get here from buying it on ebay. I will be sure to post any other issues as I get deeper into the project. The power distribution is what scares me so I will probably have a lot of question regarding that. I will post pictures of my robot as I go along. Thank you both again for your help.

P.S. - Below it gives me a box to say who helped me with this, both of you did, but it only lets me choose one. I put Moviemaker, because he was the first to respond, but aameralis was just as helpful. I feel bad that I can not highlight you both.


I am trying to find the battery you said Jason recommended, is that the 4S with a 12v regulator, or am I looking at the wrong thread?


Thanks, does anyone know if the Advanced 6 servo arm with gripper claw in the store will work on an Omnibot 2000? is it too big? Too small? Or just right? If it will work, I am thinking of just replacing the stock arms with these. Seems it will save a lot of trouble.


You should be able to make the arm work. When you mount it be careful that it is away from the body parts. My arms were hanging just fine. I went to twist the waist and the arm hit on the body of the robot. Also, when the grippers are open, make sure that they clear all of the rest of the robot in all positions. Wider shoulders and narrow waist works better than straight down.

Hope this helped.


Josh, what is the battery that you are using for your Omnibot?