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Just kidding! He wont ship to APO address anyway.:D


may be it has battery inside which violates new USPS regulation about shipping lipos to international and APO/FPO destinations. Mine came with a dead battery, wondering if i can revive it, measured 0.3V:(


Nah because other people ship to me just fine. Most people just dont know what an military APO address is and figure it may cost more to ship. In fact they are USA destinations that are then picked up by military transport. Another reason is that some do not want to fill out a required customs sheet. Too much of a hassle?

About your battery.... if it doesnt initially charge up, try the tips on youtube. There are listed as tips to revive power tool nicads or something like that. It worked on a few I-Cybie batteries I had.


The batt in its probably 25 yrs old lol , just grab a new one model ub645 on eBay. I would love to have this omnibot , I will watch it contintly...


LOL of course replace it because you wont have much run time. In the mean time while waiting for a new one try to get that one to limp along. Anyways it wont cost you anything to try.


yes i figured the batt is old, i plan to use Lipo anyway. hope someone on here gets it, don't you all fight over it:)


The moment ezb came on the scene robots have sold.for a premium.


LOL its an EBay auction so its gonna go for a higher price among modders. Heck I paid for a headless one!