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Oled Displays

Has anyone played with the small (.96") Oled displays Adafruit sells? I like the look of them and would like to use a couple of them for eyes much like the 8x8 leds have been used for. Looks like they will work on the i2c ports?


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I had bought one of those Oled displays but could not make it work with EZB I2c..Dont know the I2c control commands to make it work from. I still dont.


Jeremie has one working that is an ez-bit soon. We're waiting on some manufacturing pricing and we will have soon..

  • MPU6050 Accelerometer/Gyro/Temp combo
  • HMC5883 Compass
  • Oled
  • GPS

and a few other goodies... hopefully soon! It's taking a little longer than we expected, but that's manufacturing for ya!