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Old Video But Inspired Me

I stumbled across this video of DJ in 2011 giving a candid tour of EZ-Robot. DJ's vision of "Cloud Robotics" was advanced and way ahead of its time. Provide a platform for robotics that runs all the processing on a remote computer that does all the heavy lifting through an easy to use interface, while sending just the control commands needed to a wireless controller that integrates with the robots sensors and actuators. This was ground breaking.

People outside of this forum may take what DJ spearheaded many years ago for granted but his vision and execution was brilliant. I am not sure what is in store next for DJ and EZB but I look forward to the next evolution of this platform.



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One Man's Dream ! Enjoyed by many !

Thanks Dj. !


Yeah I love all the videos of DJ in his basement. Are these old videos archived somewhere? I'd love to watch some of them again.

Personally the reason I like those better than the professional shot videos EZ uses today, is that its DJ being DJ, just a guy in his basement making stuff.

With all the youtube channels the average Joe has, maybe I've been conditioned to lower production values. Or maybe its I started doing make up effects when I was 9, in my basement, so maybe thats why its familiar? In any event those old vids are my favorite, very inspirational.


Nink, thanks for sharing that video and your observation - it couldn’t have come at a better time. With the organizational changes that come with growing a company, it’s amazing how quickly this stuff feels like another life. I assure you that inside, nothing has changed with me - now surrounded by more people and responsibilities:)

I think what blows me away the most is how these ezrobots from 2011 or 2012 are still remarkable to see. Take bob Houston or Richard’s inmoovs... their videos are many years old and still extraordinary! Someone watching videos of robots created by the community would think you each have million dollar budgets... it’s all of you that deserve the credit for inventing - I’m merely responsible for the push

@will, I hear what you’re saying about the old raw footage. There’s something personal about that style (or lack of style I guess). I’ve been throwing the idea around of having an ask DJ video series with raw footage, that would be like that. Maybe this is the initiative to get me started on it.


@DJ, Being self employed i can feel the weight you carry with responsibilities. Things inevitably land in your lap and sometimes that can remove the "fun" factor.

I completely agree when you look at what everyone has created here, things many years old, they still hold up and people are still in awe. That goes to show how far ahead of your time you were with EZ Robots. The Alan concept is now 6 years old. But, people are amazed at what those robots can do. Tha'ts a testament to the EZB and Builder.

I don't know how everyone else feels, but i for one would love a "ask DJ" video series to get back to the roots of EZ Robot. I bet it would be very popular. You've always made your self accessible, even under the strain of running a company. And every darn one of us appreciates it!


Thanks will! Accessibility is really starting to take its toll lately:). I think it’s changed from accessible to expected - when you buy any product, it is what it is for ever. It doesn’t change. The company doesn’t update it. They expect you to buy the next version for new features. Whats always been magical about ezrobot is the product continues to grow with features, at no additional cost to the user. When users join, it’s remarkable to experience ongoing development with no subscription cost. But, over time it becomes expected.

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Just a quick thanks for posting the video. That bought back some great memories of when I forst discovered EZ-Robot back in 2012 and first joined the community in 2014. I do enjoy the old videos that Dj posted.


I just have to echo what Will has said. What he wrote, I couldn’t have put any better myself and I certainly appreciate all of your efforts too, as well as your generous community input. Even without the million dollar (or pound) budget, that’s what’s great about what you have created... a great product line and software platform that is affordable and easy to use to start with, and the ability to learn and build on that with a community that’s second to none.

Yeah, the Ask DJ series idea sound like a great a fun idea. I hope you go through with it.

And a personal thanks for the push. I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as involved as I have been with robotics if it wasn’t for EZ-Robot and your input and help on the forum.:)


@DJ, I'm sure most of the old timers, like myself feel "appreciation" that you are accessible, but by no means is it expected. BUT, I would say the reason I stick with a product is in part, how it functions AND how it is supported. It's your continued accessibility and determination to evolve the products that have made me a customer for life.

I know its not easy and you need a cloning machine on some days, but just know it is very much appreciated and does not go unnoticed from our group.


Will nailed it. 'Nuff said!

I vote "yes!" to the "Ask DJ" series - but it should be on your schedule and when you feel like doing it.

Also, as someone who's been here for some time, I don't expect you to be so accessible (but I do appreciate it!). Actually, I find it amazing and heartening that you are willing to take your valuable time to comment and help.

Simply put: Thank you!


Dj, Your efforts to help is appreciated deeply. I can't thank you enough for your time given to answer questions or issues presented on this forum. Will, War Pig and I agree whole heartedly. Thanks.