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Old Info Slowly Disappearing On New Web Site Format

Maybe it's just me or my poor searching skills but it seems we're losing a lot of valuable info for older devices. For example there used to be a nice area where you could find comparable and supported devices and how to hook them up. I wanted to find the video DJ made on how to set up the 2.5 Amp Motor Controller and just could not locate it. I did find the old old tutorials though and got to it from here:

Old EZ Robot Tutorials format

Mostly I like the way the new look is shaping up and the easier navigation but I fear some of the old info is being lost.


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United Kingdom
There is a section for V3 support in the Learn section however, like you said, a lot of stuff is missing. I am guessing it's slowly being added back in (I hope so anyway).

It is all still available however the link isn't. Either the link you supplied or this one should take you to one of the hardware pages which has the menu on the left of it for the other hardware.

If it isn't planned to be transported across I do have each page saved as a PDF so if the time comes I'll gladly share that (I plan to share more than that though but time hasn't been good to me and my "Idiots guide" to the V3 has been on the back burner for months).
The motor controller instructions can be accesed by pressin the ? On the h bridge control. Every control had a ? (Question mark) next to the X (close). Pressing that button will bring you to a manual for that control.

That hasn't changed:)