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Ok, I Got The Sabertooth 2X25 , Does It Matter What Port I Connect It To.

ok, I got the sabertooth 2X25 , I was wondering (for EZB support) does it matter what port i connect it to.

How do you guys have it hooked. I got the motors and battery, and +5v hooked just fine. I need to know which port to hook up the S1 line. Or, does it matter?

I see where in the example it hooks to D0, so I guess I will try that.

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Technopro correct. The only reason you wouldn't want to use the other two ports besides the one you want to connect to are the connection type or port availability. If all your digital ports are used then use the breakout port in the lower right that's called UART0 in the software.
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Thanks, Dave. But, I will be hooking it to an EZB3. Forgot to mention that. It will control the base while the EZB3 on top will control the arms and Head. Then the EZB4 will control the sensors and A.I., speech and other stuff. That's if it all pans out.

I just hooked it to D0.

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D0 has a faster baud rate but all 20 digital ports of the v3 are capable of sending serial so any will do.


Thank You, Rich, you are always there. You are always SO helpful. And you are SO smart.

I appreciate that.