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Ok Camera ?

with camera that comes with the kit . i know its been talk about before been reading form i found. the video tutorial that dj did can i do the same thing with the one that came in the kit for power it up. And also do i remove the battery or not .some have done different ways . its going to be in a very tight space.. thank cory :D


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Yes, follow DJs video or the forum post about it and it works with the kit camera, at least it did with mine I got a a month or two ago.

I removed the battery, it's not required. Although you can leave it in if you wish but it's certainly not required.


ok thanks :D piece of cake then cory


has anyone had this prob with infernce with WiFi with wireless camera ;)

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Please explain further? If possible capture a video and upload it showing the interference (you can save a video from in ARC, upload to youtube and post like so)

Yes my house is dimly lit which does not help camera tracking at all...


i may have issue , with my labtop computer its 10 year old when Windows XP came out .working on getting new labtop one with Windows 8 . shortly . i had it working in ez-b software it look like your video i changed pixel then it went blank . but thankyou .i get it fig out


i watch video again noted that casing on cam was blue.mine is black iam just concern that battery 3.3 volts if i remove the battery and do the wiring it like video .and plug into the servo port will be higher volts and fry it .is any differ from his cam or mine blue and black. i didnt want try it unless i ask again .. thanks you cory confused

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the thread that discusses the camera mod mentions the 3.3v battery and 5v supply, it works fine on my black camera although if you are concerned, use the USB mod, you can still remove the battery.


ok just making sure . hopefully iam done soon on this cam .picking up new computer today still waiting on my new bluetooth modual i order new one from ez-robot .i kinda shock it when i was handle the board with power on and i know better to that lol. thanks again man :D