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Off-Topic From Springfield Oregon

We were not in the totality of the eclipse but pretty close in Springfield Oregon. here's the last picture I got before it started getting bright again. It was funny to it cool down about 10 before started getting hot again interesting.

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One of my friends drove from Maryland (where we had 80% or so coverage. Got dim like a slightly cloudy day) to Tennessee to see and photograph the totality (he is seriously into astronomy and astro-photography, so has all the right equipment). He just posted his first picture to facebook, and it looks like he got some great shots.



We got a little grey here in southern Ontario, Canada... It was noticeable but nothing like what you had where you live @merne


Here in Birmingham, AL we had about 93% coverage. Like Merne said, you could feel it get noticeably cooler as it got dimmer. I did not manage any pictures though.


We were about 99.3% totality here in Wilsonville, Oregon. Street lights came on!

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@Will, you got a lot darker up North. The telescope I bought was $20.00. it was hard to keep the eclipse in sight, just as the almost totality and the thing fall off my make shift tri pod. I was so busy getting it back in focus I did have time to see if any of our street light came on. I like your picture of the street light. Thanks.