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Object Training With V4 Camera

Once a new object is named and trained, it appears in the Trained Object box. I have found that you can't delete any trained objects, ie they can't be individually selected and deleted. The only way is to delete the Camera console from the project, thus removing all trained objects. Am I missing something or is this the correct procedure?

It seems to me that it's better to keep the number of trained objects to a minimum as more trained objects create less accurate recognition

Another question, why does the "area of interest" always appear in a different screen location to the "left mouse click" position? Sometimes it occurs halfway out of the screen and the process has to be restarted. I've found that the best start location is in the top left hand corner of the screen


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nope. There isn't a way to delete objects apparently... As for the selection, I find that my box appears to the bottom right of the pointer when you click, and you can't change the size.

I think this has to do with it being a beta addition.


Hi tony! Thanks for the feedback. If you're new to eZrobot, you will discover that we are always enhancing and adding new features. If we were to wait for a feature to be entirely "complete", you wouldn't see it for many many months - if not years. So instead we release the software through valid testing passes during development.

This allows you to experience the exciting new features and growth of an amazing product.


Thanks for the rapid feedback!


@DJ, is this still the case on not being able to delete an object?