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Object Rename

Hello everyone. Is it possible to rename an object once it has be learned / trained? An example would be if I learned/trained a face as an object and named it Clair and then wanted to later change the name from Clair to Bossy, can I do that?

The reason I would want to that is if the person is no longer there to learn or train.



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Hello @Holy1. As you might have guessed there is not an option to edit a trained object.

There is an option to clear ALL object trained. There is also an option to uncheck individual objects that you have trained that you don't want to detect.

I have two suggestions for you though, the first is when you act on the object recognized, change the name in your script. For example if you are having the robot Say ObjectName, change your program so that you some IF Then logic such as IF ObjectName = "Clair" Then Say Bossy. If you need a real code example just ask.

The second suggestion is you could try printing a picture of the person and train a new object with the Object Name that you want.


I can add this as a feature request:)


Hi JustinRatliff - thanks for your reply . That is what I figured but wanted to make sure I didn't miss something. I would love to see some code on what you suggested. Just started to sink my teeth into Blocky and I am the type to learn from example.

Hi DJ, The change name feature would be handy for sure for someone like me. I often go blank when i have to come up with a name for something other than the obvious. I will train something as "Screw Driver" and after ward will realize I meant "Philips Screw Driver" BTW, I love the ARC program. Thank you for continuing to upgrade/improve it.