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Object Delete Not Possible?

Hello, i need to delete some trained objects, but the only way is to clear the memory and all trained objects will be deleted. Is there a fix for deleting only selected ones? Regards.

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I would love for that feature to be implemented!


@DJ Any timeline for this feature DJ? Thanks.


If we had the ability to up-vote features, I think this one would have a lot of votes. Very frustrating to have a lot of objects trained, but need to get rid of just one that was poorly trained and is causing false positives and need to start all over again.



I understand. However there's a lot going on :)


Totally understand. Just votimg to raise it up the list, not necessarily to the top :)


The list of items to add to that function is lengthy. To visit a significant code base requires scheduled time to prioritize and focus on it. Without focus, proper consideration and planning for the changes, significant performance or bugs can be introduced.

The vote is important and prioritizing it will be taking into consideration.

At the moment we are pushing hard on the final touches of ezbits and a new /2 firmware with additional performance enhancements. And the IoTiny


On the topic of upvoting, perhaps a page with all of the in progress features could be added to the website. Then people could introduce ideas for features, and people can vote on them. This shows to new comers that we are a developing community and it shows that ez-robot is listening to us.

Plus the developers here could undertake the list and make plugins for the features and take them off the list!

Just my innovative mind working away.


that might be too distracting for development plans. It's been considered. Development flows well with internal scheduling. Lots of projects are being worked on, and some get dropped. Or break. Or blow up the entire source tree. Etc.

The way it this communication works now is great - no need to fix what ain't broke :)

ARC is a absolute beast. Scheduling work to avoid issues is pretty awesome with the current process. Considering software like ezrobot provides would normally involve a huge team (iOS, android, Windows, sdk, website) not including plugin framework, 3D designer, compiler, etc etc etc... It's just really really big.


Wait for 6 years, and I'll be out of university ready to go!

Seems like you have a full plate!


For me it makes no sens to leave one of the moste important functions cripled, and leave a "woking on it" sign for how long?


DJ, is there a folder where we could delete the stored data from the trained images? That would help for now.


No. As the message states, the memory must be cleared.