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Cant get my robot to do anything. Wont stay connected to wifi.

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KML - can you please provide more information so someone can help you? As you can imagine, the sentence "Cant get my robot to do anything. Wont stay connected to wifi." does not provide enough information for anyone to help you. Start by writing a paragraph that explains what you are experiencing and what steps you have taken to use the robot. For example, the entire LEARN section was created with tutorials to walk you through step-by-step operation of your robot. Please let us know at which step of the LEARN section the robot does not work.

Also, it would be extremely useful to know which robot you are using.

Thanks and welcome to the forum!


I have JD Revolution. He wont even to simple things like walking he just falls over, His feet wont move properly to stay standing. I have aligned all the pieces to 90 degrees but that did not help.


This is an easy fix - however, we need to identify which fix is required for you:)

  1. Ensure JD is walking on a flat non-carpeted surface as specified in the learn section. Robots do not walk on carpet very well:D

  2. Ensure JD's servos are connected correctly. For example, press and execute the WAVE action in the Auto Position control. Does his arm lift and wave correctly? Or do other servos of his body move around instead? If other servos are moving around instead of waving, then the servos are not connected correctly to the EZ-B and instructions to re-wire the robot are necessary:

  3. It's great to hear that you have calibrated the servos manually by removing the screws and moving the brackets to as-close to 90 degrees as possible. Correct? If so, then great!

  4. You did not mention performing the Fine Tune in software. This is done by not ignoring the menu popup when loading the JD project and creating a servo fine tune configuration. It's very easy to do and the instructions are listed in the LEARN section.

Can you please tell me at which of these stages you are receiving issue? Also, posting a video will be helpful because it will allow us to see which of your servos are not connected correctly.

My money is on a servo not being connected correctly:) It'll be an easy fix! Sometimes it's easy to overlook a step while building the robot when you're excited.