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Not Sure If Its A Bug...

I updated to 4.23 and now I have lost the ability to face track. All other options work fine (i.e. motion, color etc). I loaded a previously saved project file that had facetrackng and it worked fine before. Is there anything I could do to trouble shoot? I tried adjusting the settings in the config but no tracking square.



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United Kingdom
There is now a later version 4.24 just tried face tracking and it worked just didn't get a rectangle all the time but thats probably lighting and stuff
OK thanks, I'll give it a spin tonight.

I downloaded 4.24 but am having an issue with the camera tracking as well. Especially under motion control the head of my robot just goes up down side to side out of control even if there is nothing there! lol

my soundboard with the random notes also does not work anymore. It became super slow and muted sounding.
So far the ColorTracking works GREAT and the Motion tracking works somewhat. But, my face tracking hasn't worked yet. But, may be the lighting causing this.