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Not Ezb, But Cool Nevertheless

Tech companies like to announce new things at CES, and I think I might have found the biggest one in my book already.

Intel kind of just dropped this one on us, it's called Edison - it's a SD card sized SoC (System on a Chip), 22nm, 2x 400 MHz cores, integrated WiFi & Bluetooth, based on Intel's Quark architecture.

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Well isn't that something. It would be interesting to see how fast it is in real life and how powerful it really is. Also I wonder how you use it? I'm not really up on Tech announcements but I seem to remember hearing that a lot of stuff like this never gets to market. Hope this one does.


Most of the devices like this wind up in cell phone and pad units.


I don't know what it'll end up in - other than some adafruit or element14 hobby kit. Maybe a few embedded solutions for security alarms or something. The problem is with existing infrastructures would cost too much to switch technologies to something slower in the mobile market. Android is arm. iOS is arm. Everything is arm because it dominates the embedded market. I appreciate what Intel is doing - but they're thinking the hobby market (specifically through adafruit, small customer base) is much larger than it really is.

What I find interesting is that no one is making a REAL mini computer. By real, I mean one that can run windows 8 at compatible laptop speeds. The technology is there for it to happen. The market is too. Look at Tango, it's on indigogo - a small PC but it's not really a PC unless it's plugged in the docking station. Neat concept but lacks practicality.

I would like to see a mini PC that runs windows 8 at a normal speed, has wifi, and at least one USB. I'd like it to be the size of that intel quark board example. It can plug into a dock for hdmi and additional peripherals...

That way, with a computer that small - it could be used for many applications because it won't require the dock.

It'd be great for eZrobot:)


I'm looking for a nice powerful tiny PC of Mini ITX motherboard I can install in my B9 but not sure which way I need to go. The links you point to look like they should run anything ARC throws at them. However I'm on the fence if I should wait till they get more powerful with more cores. (and cheaper) ora full size motherboard.


With your full size B9 size is not as critical. You can get more performance for your dollar going with a mini itx mother board. You could go with a mini itx 6 in X 6 in AM3+ board and install a quad core , six or even eight core cpu. Most those boards handle 8 or 16 gb ram which is more than enough.