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Noise From Six On Hardwood Floor - Any Ideas ?

Having the Six move around on a hardwood floor is quite noisy. I'm pretty sure the neighbor one floor down is going to kill me soon if i don't do anything about it - and we also know that 4am is the best time to do a quick test on a new move :-)

Has anyone done anything about this problem on their Six ? Like:

  • putting rubber soles on the robot ? door stoppers maybe ?
  • rubber coating the end of the feet ?
  • knitting robot socks ? making robot shoes ?

Besides that, is it best to have traction or to allow the Six to slip a little bit ? I noticed it does slip a little with the standard movements - but it could have it walk more with its feet up if needed.


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How about rubber finger tips sold at office supply stores.They come in different sizes and colors . Maybe they would fit on Six"s feet. You can just slide them on...


There is a liquid rubber that comes in cans for dipping tools into to coat them (usually the handles) with a rubber (or rubber-like) substance. Whatever it is.

Thing is most solutions like those suggested will simply change the noise from a clacking sound to dull thumps. It'll still be noisy downstairs. What is really needed are soft rubber pads, like foam rubber. Maybe you could cut little blocks of the stuff and then gouge a hole in the center and pull them over the legs. Perhaps a spot of glue to hold them on?


@WBS00001 that's what I was thinking. I believe it's called Plasti Dip. I know a lot of guys use it on car parts as well.


I think that you take the foam that came in the box for the Six and cut it down to be used as pads for the feet. It is black and dense foam. It is anti-static and if you got creative, you could even turn it into sensors by turning them into touch sensors by tying them into the analog ports...


@rb550f hum, good idea... i looked around on the net and found this kind: is that what you were thinking about ?

what is interresting is that you can put them on and take them off very quickly whereas the oher ideas are more permanent (but i could have two sets of legs).

it's really cheap so i'm going to try that (with and without some foam @WBS00001 inside between leg and finger thingy) and post a video to let you know the difference in terms of sound.


yes. I did this on my InMoov hand. I thought that I had a video of it but I cant seem to find it. I used conductive paint on the outside covering a ground wire. I then took this wire and the signal wire back to the analog port. I barely ran the signal wire under the surface of the pad (inside the pad). when pressure is applied, the analog port drops. This would let you know for sure if your feet are on the ground when you expect them to be.


I gotta say, I cant go with this no sleep stuff anymore. It is really affecting my thought process and typing. I cleaned up my previous post to make it more clear as to what I was trying to say.


...welcome to having your own business...sleep will be a missing luxury;)


@fxrtst it's 2.25am here - self-employed :-)

..other option, finger """gloves""", the spikes do add a nice touch...

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decisions decisions...

@d.cochran touch aware fingers would be nice, but that would be another project in itself, not right now anyway.


Exactly. Having 3d printer issues right now. Yay, I get to play tech too:)

I like the furry fingers. They would be cool on a six.