Upgrade to ARC Pro

With Synthiam ARC Pro, you're not just programming a robot; you're shaping the future of automation, one innovative idea at a time.


I recently upgraded because of this as well. Vista was being a pain and no longer supported too.

Time to bite the bullet and upgrade. Windows 8 upgrade only cost $114/CAD.

My computer is running a 400% faster and no more cameras issues with ARC.

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ARC is only supported on windows 7 or above. That's not to say it won't work on xp, but its not fully compatible for a number of reasons.

Windows XP is 12 years old now and while it is still a stable OS it isn't without it's problems. Windows 7 and 8 will both give better performance. Windows 8 is cheap, the upgrade version will also work as a new install too (or it did), I picked my copy up from Microsoft for £25.

Besides, Windows 7 and 8 both give better battery life if you are running an onboard pc.


Well then i guess my fun with the ezb is now over my computer is crap will not run anything but xp and i cant aford to upgrade as im back on a fixed income of only 850 a month so i guess im hooped And waisted over 200$ on my kit that i can no longer use so it will be just another bourd added to my junk parts bin :'( May someone shoul state on the downloads page and or the main page thats it dont work with XP some others dont get it thinking it will work on there systems This sucks:( my robot building days are over less than a month after it began:(

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It does say on the downloads page


* Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8

It'll run on XP but you may find problems. I run it on XP at work when I need to check things out, it works, but expect no support if you come across issues. Voice recognition has never been supported on XP since it isn't native to Windows. Vista or above was always required. However the camera functions are not supported by Vista, which is a Vista issue.


The new one will not even install on my xp and i cant get a new computer for less than 600 With my income i will never be able to afford one It took me allmost 2 years to safe for my erb but was not able to realy save any so i bit the bullet and spent my months food buget on it and i cant do that for a good computer Yes it does say the 7 or 8 is needed but that shows in a tiny little faded font when it should be big and bold so it stands out But what it comes down to is that i waisted my money on something i cant ever use so i just need to count my losses and give up on ever making a bot:(


if it will not work with voice thens theres not much that can be done with it plus i dont have any older copes of it so theres just no point in even bothering with it im giving up on it i waisted my time and money

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SAPI is not natively part of Windows XP, however if you search there is a fix. It is mentioned on the forums somewhere and also in Microsoft's knowledgebase.

Next problem?..


windows xp dose suport voice on its own i used to use it on other programs all the time but it dont work on the ezb at all so i just dont see any point in stressing out trying to get some use out of some thing that i cant have the real fun with all its good for is driving around and for that you can get an rc car for less than 25 these days so im done with it i cant have the good fun with it so im giving up on it compleatly


Sell it! Im sure a board member here would take it off your hands.


i cant sell it as i cant aford the shipping at all plus all my accounts are watched by the gov including paypal and any income other than my fixed will be deducted off my pay even if my mom was to send me 5$ it would be deducted aswell pluss i refuse to sell it for less than what it cost me

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If voice recognition works in other applications it should work in ARC, it uses SAPI which is Windows, it doesn't use it's own engine. Check you have set it up correctly.


Cash deal, plus cash shipping = no gov knowledge. someone will take you up on it


all my other programs that work with voice can see the mic but not the ezb the sound input dose not show in the list at all so im just beating a dead horse so i will just find a kid with a good computer and give it to him


or do what Rich says and try to figure out something that will work. google is always a good place!


ive tryed for 2 weeks to get it working and nothing worked then my computer crashed got it back to working after a reformat and now i cant get the program to install so no matter what i do if i cant install the program im just waisting my time


i will just give it away along with all my parts and count my losses

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I linked to some old versions, they go back as far as November last year.

Also, I'm 90% sure I have the latest release at work which is xp, I will check in the morning.

If its not seeing the mic its a problem with the PC not ARC. ARC should see any mics installed in windows.


damm Wolfie, that sucks. Dont give it away so soon and please dont give up. I know it's hard to keep your head up when things like this happen but maybe something will happen or come your way sooner or later that will give you a way to run ARC with voice control.

What kind of conputer do you have and what size. Do you need a laptop or would a desktop be just as good? People have old computers laying around all over the place that they dont use anymore that will run Win 7. Maybe you'll come across someone that will give one to you or sell for a small price.


if im stuck only being able to use older copies and not be able to enjoy the new stuff as it coms out then theres no fun in it at all as i would be stuff with old vary limeted stuff while every one els is having fun with the new stuff and in no time at all every post would only relate to the new so i would be stuck here reading about every one els having fun with the new stuff that i would not be able to mess with and that would just be to depressing so thanks for all the atempted help but im done with it to me its now just more usless junk


i have a toshiba laptop Total Physical Memory 512.00 MB Available Physical Memory 235.30 MB


That really sucks Wolfie stress There have been many good suggestions put forward by some amazing generous forum people..I really am sorry that none of the ideas will fit your situation. I would be willing to buy the EZ Board off you and pick it up!..or have some one do that :) ..I am only 45 minutes away or my friend who lives in your town could be there in 10! At least it wouldnt be sitting in a drawer being "useless"........:)


im no longer on the island i moved up north a year ago im now in terrace


Wolfie what's your HD size . CPU and model. I might be able to help you with win 7


FYI I have installed win 7 on 2003 to 2006 year computers with Pentium 4 or amd 64 and noticed the machines have new life. Better performance , faster web browsing , lower power consumption ect.


hd 80 gig ....... way to small for anyones needs OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600 OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name CRAPTOP System Manufacturer TOSHIBA System Model Satellite M30 System Type X86-based PC Processor x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5 GenuineIntel ~1396 Mhz


Its not the fastest you are right but you should run the 32 bit win 7 fine and take advantage of a few more features of ARC. Like Pandora bot , chat bot , voice commands ect.


till i can find a working copy of win 7 in a thrift store i will not be able to aford it thats why i still run xp for the most part


I can send you a fresh install copy , I don't have a upgrade version , you may need to download a couple drivers beyond windows 7 generics.


i would love a copy but it would need to be on a disk as i dont have a burner


I'm confused , did you mean you don't have a DvD drive to install Windows?


i have a cd drive but thats all it is is read no burn lol thought it had a burner when i got it even got a stack of blanks then later found out it is not a burner lol


it says its a [CD-ROM]

Item Value Drive D: Description CD-ROM Drive Media Loaded No Media Type CD-ROM Name MATSHITA UJDA750 DVD/CDRW Manufacturer (Standard CD-ROM drives) Status OK Transfer Rate Not Available SCSI Target ID 0

so hold on going to try something here


I have some other ideas for you as well, but no time to write tonight. Don't give up on robotics though. There are people in this community who will do whatever we can to help.



It appears to be DVD capable to me which is what an install disc is


In theory its possible to

check if windows 7 can be installed on your pc which it looks like it can upgrade advisor tool

If you have a usb port and a usb stick you can install it that way, piratebay and utorrent are your friends;) ...hint download utorrent and install then search the bay for windows 7

usb cost probaby $5.00 for an 8gig "thats all you will need" download this tool to make the usb boot disk win 7 usb boot maker stick the usb in and reboot- press F12 or F8 to select your boot device or go into your bios and set the usb to boot first install enjoy

p.s i never said this...lmao


Hey Wolfie what's your email?


ANY parts or memory you need ,you can have for free and if i dont have the memory i can buy it for you.

Will help a buddy in need.

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ARC Version 2013.03.18.00 WILL install on Windows XP, I just checked and I am running 2013.03.18.00 at work. I even uninstalled, redownloaded and reinstalled it to make sure.

Personally I would avoid upgrading to Windows 7 on that system. You may, if lucky, be able to run Windows 7 starter but anything above that and you only have about 25% of the minimum recommended spec.

The main problem you will have is the small amount of RAM your system has, I would recommend upgrading the RAM. It is a cheap upgrade and will give a performance boost to everything. ARC is a powerful tool and as such does have quite a demand on system resources for some controls.

However, if it is a basic project ARC will run and will control, with voice, your robot.

P.S. The ODD is a CDRW/DVD which means it is a CD burner. What disc do you have? If they are CD-R or CDR/W they should work. If DVD then no.



If you go to your settings page and check (either temporarily or permanently) "Show Ghost Users Posts:" there is a post from @robotmaker offering to provide you with memory for free if you need to upgrade it.

Couple of other notes: I think you have over-estimated the cost of buying a PC capable of running Windows 7. I purchased my netbook 3 years ago for less than $500, and you can find the same model now either on eBay used, or several suppliers that sell refurbished machines for well under $100. It is slow to boot up, but once booted runs EZ-B fine. If I downgrade from Win 7 Ultimate to Win 7 Home Starter (or optimize the machine), I am sure the bootup would be faster too.

No promises on this one, but I am proposing to my company that when they refresh computers they offer the old ones in an "employee garage sale" before sending the leftovers to recycling like my old employer did (I got about a dozen laptops in 14 years this way. They are all out of date now, but I had a nice little server farm going for a while). If I am successful, I will be getting my current laptop in August when it is refreshed, and you can have my Netbook.

One way or another, the generosity of this group will keep your robotic dreams alive.



im still dealing with it turns out the 25th was a really bad day for ellectronic devices many many cell phones bank cards ATMs electric cars and conputers stopped working including my computer ipod tv cellphone home phone computer and a few other things my computer is kinda working now but i no longer have a working mic that kinda shorted out bigtime lol and one drive motor on my old green base is now running slower not sure if its the motor causing it or the Hbridge will findout in time


yes WOLFIE any part you need can send it for money,money not a problem for me and i dont ask anything in return


i need any and all parts lol