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No Use For 3D Printing At This Time But.

Hi all,

Wow, what exciting times for EZ Robots and what bright things to come for them and us. I'm looking forward to the day I get a 3D printer or find myself needing something 3D printed. However.....

As excited as I am in what is happening to EZ Robots and as happy as I am for everybody I dont really need much in this area at this time. That's OK as I know the world doen not rotate around my needs. So here is my question (It's all about me now ;) ) , Is there any reason for me to download and start useing this latest version of EZ Builder? Is there any fixes in this release for any of the small glitches and studders that were left in the last version? I know DJ had mentioned a few times, "That will be addressed in the next release". Or are there any control additions, proformance or other enhancements? If not, that's cool. I know someday I'll have to jump into the new interface with it's changes.

Thanks for all the hard work EZ Robots and making this a better product!:)

Dave Schulpius


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There's a great deal of updates and enhancements - including more help embedded within the app. There is way too many to list, as this is a entire re-write of ARC. You'll notice performance enhancements to the camera and many other controls.
Thanks DJ, Looks like I gotta take the leap and do the download.
I concur with Dave:) at this time I dont have a requirement for a 3D printer...but...I love the idea of being able to create something entirely unique...like a blank canvas and a paint brush!...my list of robots will be traditional robots Wall E , R2D2 Johny5....My creation (steampunk, Jules Verne) is all wood and the only plastic is the servo cases!
Have not yet downloaded this version but I really intend to soon. I'm hopeing I can make custom parts and mounts I may need for compleating or upgradeing B9. If so, I could have used this a couple years ago when I first started my B9 build and was looking for ways to mount basic parts and motors. Well, nothing to do but look ahead now. ;)