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am not able to get in contact whit 3d printing service here . here in belgium they are not able to print part #8 and i need 4 off these. can anyone help please


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I am not sure what you are asking help for? Contact your 3D printing service for you or for someone here who owns a 3D printer to print for you?


hi richard r

am trying to get in contact the 3d service here not in belgium in belgium they cant make the parts i need. xlrobots,they print parts i believe


You mean EZ Robot 3D printing service? ..... Not sure how that works because I could careless about 3D printing in general.... However, just to let you know yesterday was a holiday here in Canada so maybe that's why you haven't got a response yet?


i contact them 4 times allreddy and last one was some week ago.


Maybe you should just ask on the forum directly for someone to print and ship to you... I am sure there is someone who can help you.... A few people have 3d printers here on the forum...


yes problably thank you


Yes, from what I know ez-robot doesn't directly print parts for the public. Use the 3d printing community.


problem is the part i need #8 does not appear in the 3d printing section.


Hi @nomad18.08,

We don't have a 3d printing service, unless you're talking about the 3D printing community:)

As for the part not being there, I can't speak to that... is it P8 A-01.STL? If you want just one piece of the part printed, you can send a message once you have sent a print request, asking for just one of the parts instead of the whole thing. Would that help?


thank you chrissi.yes i get it.i have to find someone who can print for me. the 3d print chops here in belgium have problems whit reading inch insteadt off cm. they cant print it.


Hi @nomad18.08,

The STL should be in millimetres as far as I know:)


oh i try two chops here and they cant do it.stupid belgiums haha. ok i have to be patient .someone will recue me,(i hope)

United Kingdom

Yes the STLs units are mm. Any shop should be able to print it at a scale of 1 unit = 1 mm.

Have you tried Shapeways?


i hear its exspencive for what i need to let them make. the design cost 95 euro an hour and am not sure its that what i want. i get a first part this week.hope it good.this part works it a one block. its the little like #8 that they could not do,and also the bigger body jd. but some as simpel a bracket they could do it. so i didn try chapeways yet. i send mail to 3d printing from anthony,they know the parts.


right now, all I have is Black PLA and a very little bit of blue ABS. Fine tuning a 3D printer takes a lot of filament. I will be printing these parts next month probably. if you can wait, and nobody else gets back to you, I can kick them out when I start printing the ones for Patriot 1.


hi d.cohran.

it didn work out here in belgium for printing. i have plenty off time.

thank you