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No Answer From The Pc Speaker


today i work a little bit with the EZB Software.

I make a new Project and i added 1x "Speech Recognition" and 1x "Speech Settings"

I made a new Phrase

for Example "Hello Robot" and Command Say( "Nice to see you" )

So everything fine .. my Phrase will be recognize ( i see it in the small window) but no sound form the PC speaker ( I must be " Nice to see you")

So the easiest thing, but i dont get it!

What i do wrong?



I still work without a EZB4 Controller only Notebook + Webcam/Mic


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Im am going to start with the basics and work up from there. Does your PC play other sounds from other applications? Is your volume muted on your PC? Can you share your project on the cloud so that I may look at it and test it here?




I add the "Speech Synthesis" and i hear "Hello Human"!

Ok its the Boris_voice_test



okay, downloading it now. let me take a look just to make sure something isnt weird on it.


for some reason I cant get it. is it marked as a public project?


No its public.

All Tags "on" and the 3 marks/arrows off and search for Boris

there it is


I found it, just cant download it for some reason.

Okay, let me make one and I will post it.


there is one that I have shared called test for rentaprinta.

see if you can download it and test to see if it works for you. The speech recog item is the same that you posted above.


Yes, i got it, but no sound comes back.

I try now on 2 Computers, but still the same.


i can install teamviewer, you can check


Your volume is turned up?

What does the debug window say? Copy and paste the messages from it on here.


No sound is on, everything else works.

EZB 0: 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:27 - Speech Recognition Culture: de-DE 03.07.2015 05:27 - Loaded speech recognition successfully 03.07.2015 05:29 - The desired culture (en-US) is not installed on this machine. We will load Culture: de-DE 03.07.2015 05:29 - Loaded speech recognition successfully 03.07.2015 05:29 - TCP Server stopped

EZB 1: 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:29 - TCP Server stopped

EZB 2: 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:29 - TCP Server stopped

EZB 3: 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:29 - TCP Server stopped

EZB 4: 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:27 - TCP Server stopped 03.07.2015 05:29 - TCP Server stopped


sorry, got busy talking to my wife about her upholstery business purchase she just made.

I dont know why its not working. I think DJ will need to help with this one.

Sorry about that.


it says not installed language?


And when speech attempts to speak? What messages appear in dialog debug. You cannot avoid the debug box.



nothing comes in the debug box, when speech.

If you like Teamviewer.


Buy a cheap set of head phones test if it works if not it's the program if it dose then it's your pc's speakers.


IM SURE IT WOULD WORK CAUSE IT WORKED FOR ME WHEN ME AND SO I KNEW Tohook up some little speakers for 10$@ Walmart so I got to here again.


I test it on 2 diffrent Computers.

1x Notbook with embedded Speakers

and 1x my big Desktop PC with Sound-System

so i don´t think there are the speakers who make the problems.

All other Sounds are working.


If your talking about the robot speakers then replace the ez bv4


I Get it now so the program ARC isn't working it might need updates.


I'm just trying to do as much as I can to help.


For example i load the "EZ-Face script" and if the Script recognize me, the software must say "Hello - Picturename"

Fine all works, the software recognize me and say "Hello Boris" and I hear it.

Then i load my simple voice testscript , i say "Hello Robot" - Software recognize, but i hear no answer.

So i think everthing is ok, but where is the mistake?


Hey, send your team viewer information to my email address that is in my profile. I'll connect and see if I can do anything.



one information:

I am using Windows 7 64bit

I was checking diffrent Windows voices and there i found out that it gives some more problems with the voices on 64bit then on 32bit Systems.

But also on my big Desktop i have still the original englisch "Anna" and on my Notebook a better voice called "Adam" but on both i hear them on the speaker, so i think there is also not the mistake.



Hi David,

cool to hear you again,

email is out.




The issue Rentaprinta is having is that when the speech is recognized, it isnt firing the command. I was able to connect to his computer with Team Viewer and made the following script which worked fine when executed.

$testingvariable = "testing"

In the variable watch list, the variable and the value show up.

From the speech control, I then made this command when Testing was said.

$testing = "12345"

This variable didn't show up in the variable watch list. I also tried to have the command call the first script above and it wasn't called.

Can you or anyone else offer any suggestions?

Thanks David

United Kingdom


Looking at the photos you supplied, the confidence levels in the debug window is showing low confidence. In this case if ARC thinks it hears you say something but it's not to clear, ARC will say for example...

Low confidence: (what it thinks it heard) (0.35)

but it won't play the script mapped to that phrase, even if that phrase is correct. If ARC thinks it hears you clearly, you won't get the "Low confidence" message in the debug window and you will only see the phrase you just spoke. What you can do in this instance is open the config setting menu on the speech recognition control, and at the top left of the settings page you will see a drop down menu where you can change the confidence levels. Change it to a lower number, save it, and try again. Basicly what is needed is for the confidence level number of your spoken phrase to be equal or higher than what the level is set to within the speech recognition menu.

User-inserted image

Also something to keep in mind is using a good quality speech recognition microphone, setting your microphone levels within Windows (also can be accessed via the speech recognition menu mentioned above), and to train your computers speech recognition to better understand you. All of which will help improve the confidence levels and help to understand your spoken phrases better.

Hope that helps.



Gosh darn diggity (uppss ;-) , it works!

70 is the right nummber...

From 87 to 70 and it works.

Thanx so much Steve G! You are the Best!

United Kingdom

No worries guys. Glad I could help.:)


Hi David!

Hi to all!

I trained yesterday a little bit with the speech reco and cool i must say.

But i have a new qeustion.

Can i make my windows speech reco better if i buy dragon nuance?

Or can i change in the windows settings the speech reco from windows original to dragon nuance?

Because i can train single Words and full sentences in Dragon, for Windows i only can make this Startup trainning.



No, ARC uses the Microsoft speech recognition engine.

To use dns, you would have to use the ezrobot sdk to have this take place outside ARC, and pass what was said into ARC via a variable.


Hi David,

ok i understand, but i can change in the option the speech reco.

Or for what i have this pull down menu?

I remember i had on xp the dragon 10 and i change the speech reco to dragon.

User-inserted image

PS: this pic is from my windows 7 now

And if i can change the option in windows to dragon, also EZB ,ust use this.

I think easylie so.



So here is how it works with programming.

You have to specify the speech engine you will use in the code. You can include both in the code and give the user the ability to choose which one they will use, but, the code has to include the engine that it is going to use. This is outside of the windows settings.

ARC uses the windows speech recognition libraries or engine. Even if the OS is set to something else, it really doesn't matter. It will use what is included in the code which is the windows speech recognition libraries.



That change the Language to german and i change the voice ( what perfect works with EZB) is something diffrent?

So no chance to change the code ? without the expensice dragon licence

I mean if i speak (mens voice) the reco from windows works 80%

if my girlfriend say the same commands it works only to 50%

I remember i had in Dragon a dictionary where i can try single words with diffrent speakers.


You could use the SDK to utilize DNS. You would then pass variables back to ARC with what was said, and then script what to do when this variable changes. You would need to buy the DNS developer edition to do this also which is pretty pricy. I have looked at doing this for EZ-AI and just don't have the money lying around to make this purchase.

Unfortunately, Microsofts engine isn't as good as DNS's right now. My hope is that Windows 10 will bring some improvements in this area. Your girlfriend would have to train windows speech engine also if you wanted good results from her speech.

If you are going to use ARC, unless changed at some point in the future, you would be stuck with Microsoft's speech recognition.


We've been wanting to use DNS for years and this subject has come up often in the past. DNS is so much better then MS's speech engine. Using EZ SDK is an option but 99% of us wouldn't know how to do that. I think DJ said in the past the there are licensing and/or coding issues if that option was added to ARC's background operating code. Now it there were a third part plug-in like Dave's EZ-AI that could do this and have all the coding already done this would be a jump ahead by light years.

Just a thought; I've seen this forum come together and raise money to send kids a EZB. If Dave is confident enough that he could incorporate DNS into his EZ-AI and is willing we could start a funding drive to raise money for him to buy a DNS developer edition. Either that or could there be one or two effluent and interested backer that could fund it them self's? It would have to be understood up front that this is a trial and error emolument and could fail. Also that there is no time line and could take a long time to get either a working or non-working result. How much does a licensed copy cost? What ever, I'm in and ready to pledge.


The cost for the license that would allow someone to distribute what they have done is somewhere around the $2K dollar mark. I would be willing to put in the time to do this if it were funded. The code for interfacing with ARC is all completed and thoroughly tested on multiple machines.

The thing that you would have to remember is that there would also need to be an application written to train DNS on your computer. I have no idea what this would take but I really don't think it would be hard to do. I would be willing to throw my had in the ring to do the work and program this app if others were willing to jointly fund it.


Hi David,

just coming back from a family party from my girlfriends family and i read this fantastic news.

I have only one question:

If all good happens... can this new App with the DNS Code also speak and understand german? (I know the german voices i can buy)

Is the DNS Source Code for multilanguage, or only for englisch?

I think a lot of people want to use their own mother-language like french, spanish itlay and so on.

For the money support... i am in the game and can help a little bit.

For the work support.... I am not a programmer, but i can help where i can, for example, i can be a tester... I don´t know tell me where you need help.



It could be programmed to use multiple languages I believe. I wouldn't know until I got the software to see what is possible. Their documentation is available when you have an account. The account comes with the purchase of the product. From what I can tell, these are the possible languages.

English French German Italian Spanish Dutch Japanese


Good Morning David (5:54)

ok, fantastic!

When we beginn?

Ok.. joke first we need the DNS Software.

You said the software cost 2K $ so it means 2000 $ almoust 1900 right?

I hope i am right... if yes i think we can make this fast.

I can offer you my 200 what i wanted to spent to Dragon

I hope its not 20.000 $ :-(

And really if i can offer you my time for help with this app.



It's about $2000 usd. Let's see how much interest there is. If there is enough, I will give out my PayPal account and go from there.



but for this we must make a bit more promotion for this idea, to inform so much people as possible.

The first idea.. is to make a new Post with more details of the idea for the DNS App

Then everybody can post in the article if he also like to spent something.

Then we can count the people and we will see if there are enough.

We need almoust 9 people who want to give 200 $ and maybe i can search in my pocket and will find some colored paper and then we need only 8 1/2 ;-)

It´s not so much.... I think a post here on EZB will be enough to get the people.

For Kickstarter i think its to small.

What do you say to this?



I'm good with it. I will make a post tomorrow. I want to sleep on it a bit. I have to go out of town tomorrow to pickup some equipment for my wife's new business. It might be Monday before I can post, but I will make a post.



I had the same idea to go sleep, because now it almoust 7 in the morning sunday.

I wish you strong power for the pickup ;-) and a sunny day.

We will hear us on Monday.

C Ya