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Nixie Tubes -Simulated?

Anyone familiar with Nixie tubes?

Looking to simulate if possible.

I found some actual tubes but not sure about all the high voltage drivers ect.

Looking to integrate into one of my robots for eyes.

Open to suggestions/ideas.



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I am not sure exactly what you are trying do, but have you thought about EL Wire?



Or how about this.... ! :)


That would be a cool thing to put inside. Open the door to reveal it's power source!

I'm not thinking of using small LCD keychain type screens with custom nixie pics.

I don't know. Just want something different than LED's for eyes.


Oh wow, what a concept! That would be so cool if you accomplish this. I remember Nixie tubes. Not sure if you could find a way to use the real deal but it sure would be neat if, like you said, you could find some way to simulate the look. It would be really retro looking and I'll bet no one else has ever thought of using them for robot eyes. User-inserted image


Lol, funny you should say that @rgordon The first time I saw someone use nixie tubes for robot eyes was in this very forum. User @radmeck has a robot named "Vanilla Ice" that has a couple nixies installed, check it out here! You're right though, they would (and do) look pretty awesome!


Wow. How did I miss that one? That is really neat.


Still looking for ideas.