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Nintendo Robotic Operating Buddy , Rob

What to do? What to do? I have a ROB on the way and EZ Robot can give him new life , could rob learn to play the Wii? Lol maybe not but im not playing gyromite anytime soon. Any suggestions on what I could do with the robot or make him in to? Thanks guys -Josh S

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OMG I love those dudes! He kind of looks like he's ready to play the bongo's


I know right! Theres lots of these guys on ebay waiting to be hacked into anything between a can opener to a robot kuereg lol


Heres my nintendo ROB. It has a cheap control systems C6C 6 channel controller. it was originally set up for wired ps2 controllers, i used a pelican nerf wireless controller and hardwired the reciever to the c6c. I used a micro servo for the arm rotation, modified to turn 360degrees. the arm lift/open close arms motors are the originals, and I added a micro servo for head tilt. Just....ummm....mute the audio unless you like Busta Rhymes...and the occasional barely audible f-bomb....its the only vid i have of him mostly done. Ive thought real hard about EZB-ing him, but there isnt much room.


Thats really cool Kenny! I don't have any good ideas of what ill do with mine yet.


Thanks man. I was planning on holding out for the ez-mini since its about the same size as the C6C. The usual camera will definitely fit without the case, battery or the chrome ring. Man, that'd be awesome:-) ya know, with the factory motors he'll lift a 3/4 full pop can with the claws if ya point the tab straight up:) all I'm running for power is a 7.4v 800mah li-po:) these lil robots have lots of potential:) if you want to try it out with the stock electronics, get an emulator and gyromite:) ya gotta use a CRT monitor though, he'll ignore an lcd. Crap, I'm rambling. This one hits home because its the first robot I built, and I wanna see what you do with yours:-)