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Ninebot Open Source Segway Robot At Ces2016

For those who are interested... seems pretty cool, especially the modular attachment ability. It incorporates Intel's Real Sense technology in it's head... By open source I assume you are going to have to be familiar with ROS in order to custom program it?.... A developer's version is slated for the end of 2016...


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I look forward to you building one once the Inverted Pendulum is released, and a navigation plug in is finished... LOL... I can see a duplicate of what we saw being built using an EZB.. !

Cool looking.

Thanks for posting it.

Ron R
great robot very handy
Following the information released the "Brain" is:

Android Tablet
Intel Atom x7-Z8700 mobile SoC (System on a Chip)
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 64GB
NFC/BL 4.0/Wifi/3G
USB 3.0
8MP rear RGB camera
2MP front-facing RGB camera
RealSense R200 3D Camera=> (IR Laser Projector, 2 IR Cameras, RGB Camera)
high-precision accelerometer and gyroscope comb
high precision IMU
VGA 60fps

The main question is how long lasts the battery or is powered by an hydrogen batteries probably does not make any difference when thedevice is wired to the segaway battery.

It seems Google Android has a bright future ahead with robots... no news from Microsoft ...
the expected price is $399, unbelievable ....
I like the cheap price. They are actually now starting to use Nao bots hear in Australia for aged care and education renamed to Zora.
Richard Branson was pictured on Facebook playing with one.