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Night Vision Camera

I'm trying to modify a Roli for doing inspections under computer flooring and am seeking advice on lighting. I have ordered some Cree XM-l2 LEDs and the optics to go on them, but when I connected them up on the Roli, they aren't providing anywhere near enough light to use the camera for steering. I've thought about switching to an integrated IR LED night cam, but the ones I've found so far connect via USB rather than the 4 pin connector used on the EZ-B controller. Would anyone have suggestions for either a suitable camera or stronger LEDs to light the way?


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It is a little big to ride on Roli, and you would need to do something for a power supply (but it does run on 5v, so shouldn't be hard), but a Foscam security camera could be mounted to the back of Roli (it won't quite fit in the cargo bay, but could be attached on top of it).

See the first few threads here for some tips on controlling the pan/tilt using EZ-B scripts and viewing the video in ARC (although if you will be controlling from your PC instead of mobile, viewing in Foscam's own app while driving the robot in ARC will give better video response).



I would recommend using brighter and more LED's. You can also combine IR LED's with regular white LED's. The flashlight idea will work if it's broad/wide enough. You'd want to light up as much as you can. LED's are best because they use the least amount of energy.

Rather than using a low latency foscam or third party camera, start by simply adding more LED flashlights. Heck, get them at the dollar store:D You can buy a dozen for $20



Rather than using a low latency foscam

Just to be clear, Foscam cameras latency is very good when streaming their native H.264 stream. It is just the jpeg stream that ARC can display that has lag. The mjpeg stream is somewhere in between the H.264 and the jpeg stream, but there is some strange stuff in the header so ARC doesn't recognize it, but any modern browser does. So, the issue with lag only appears if trying to use the mobile app. Running from a laptop or desktop where you can have a separate window for the video (or even 2 mobile devices, one for ARC and one with the Foscam or another Foscam compatible app) and you will have virtually no lag, and really excellent IR vision and illumination.

That being said, it is a bit big for your purpose, and since it has its own WiFi transceiver, there is a potential for interference between the EZ-B and the camera. Running under a raised floor with system wiring you are likely to already be fighting EMI so I agree with DJ your best option may just be brighter lights.....



Thanks, looking into some more options on LEDs. Kind of want to try to stick with those built on a 20mm die as I printed out a light bar/lowering block for the cam that came with Roli. Have a Coleman flashlight that uses a really bright Cree LED, might have to pull it apart to check the model number used. Thanks guys!


Hey I have tried different IR illuminators and the best I have was the one I made from 850 nm IR leds

however since last year there are some led flashlights that have come out for a quick fix, the ones I tried out had a weird pattern after passing through the flashlight lense that I didnt get with the IR leds. the LEDS were very even.


The driver for the LEDs I have on hand arrives today, so we'll see how things shake out after adding it tonight.