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The author had some issues at first wrapping his mind around robots being controlled from external devices (i.e. mobile device or PC) over wifi - so the servo burnouts were related to over usage (aka a little abuse:)). Not to fear, the author sent us his project so we could fix it:D

I created a new project a few minutes ago for him and it is in the cloud labelled Six - Distance Sensor. Here is a video of the project...

I'm a little disappointed in the review, because our community is such a priority for us - I would hope anyone with troubles would initially reach out so someone from the community could have helped from the beginning. The original script had no sleep commands in the loop, so the servos were going bonkers at 100% duty. Any robot product would have suffered the same fate...

On that note, now that the author of the article has a better understanding of newer robot controls - we're going to see some awesome stuff from him!


He did mention getting help here with walking instructions, so I felt good that he mentioned us positively.



You always have to expect the worst with robotics, because let's face facts; there's no such thing as a robot that works right out of the box perfectly. and to be honest with you I felt that he really did like Six and EZ-Robot as a whole.:D


I had the same puzzled feeling with my first experience with ez robot... I had trouble understanding how the ezb could work if you didn't download the code to it... Having a PC tethered to your robot controller just seemed cumbersome and overly complicated.... Fast forward a little... Now I can't believe some micros still need to do the download thing... DJ, you have invented a better mouse trap, plain and simple....:)

... if anything all the author did was helped you identify a way to make the ezb better, that's all....