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Nice Introduction To Home Networking

As the first EZ-B4's shipped, there have been a lot of conversations about connecting to home networks and a good number of just general network questions. I came across a nice article today that gives a basic introduction to home networking that I think is a good start.

It doesn't cover three of the critical items that will come up with EZ-B v4 that have sparked a lot of conversation here. Assigning the same IP to your EZ-B device every time (static DHCP, or some other names) or Dynamic DNS and Port forwarding (needed to access your EZ-B over the internet), but it is a good baseline to refer to before having those conversations.

If I come across good articles on those I will update this thread, or if I don't, I'll sit down and write a general tutorial one of these days if no one beats me to it -- I am looking at you @Rich:).


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Tell you what, I'll count to 100 before I start on it:)

Nah, you're OK. My stress levels are through the roof right now as is my workload (part of the reason for the stress) so I'm probably going to be "AFK" quite often for a bit.


Thanks for the link Alan... If any one of you 2 guys writes a tutorial on this stuff, I'll be all over it like Oprah on a baked ham....:P


Home or office wireless networking from robots to the controlling pc I'm sure will be a hot topic especially for those working on the "jarvis" home solution more and more would be interconnected together. I'm all ears guys.


Good find thetechguru, this will certainly help the casual WiFi'er understand just a little of what's going on in the air around them.