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Asked — Edited

Next Week?

I have been waiting since
September 18, 2013 - 7:47:48 AM!

Order is stuck... At
Step 2 of 4) Processing Order Details

roli and batteries

Contact US "says next week..." it has come and gone.

I am tired of everyone saying you know the drill. Would you rather I post on face book?

Or g+...



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@cdkisa... I got that info here on the forum... Someone from ez robot mentioned it... I don't remember who...

To be honest... I cancelled my Roli order some time back in exchange I ordered a couple of ezb4 boards and cameras instead... I am not suggesting you do this as I will probably re-order a Roli in the near future...

I started a thread a while back nominating Rich to be a moderator here... I think Rich said he might if he were asked... I still think we could use a forum member as a moderator (after this thread, I think even more so now).... This however is a decision left for ez robot....
@hoolagen1... Tell you what... Start a new thread complaining about your frustrations and disappointments with EZ Robot. You and your gang can post away and I absolutely promise to not post anything in it... Problem solved...:)
I do agree with a moderator with the idea that certain questions should be answered by the right authority with real answers so a moderator would be good but only if done by someone that knows the day by day at ez robot

So back to the O.P.

Yeah that sucks man. Super long wait. But its worth it.

Working on Any robot ideas while you've been waiting? A wall-e maybe?

I have a pretty sweet wall-e. Its on the forum. Tons of high def pics. Step by step instructions on what I did.

I'm working on an r2d2 now... Not sure how I'm going to ever finish it since I've been black listed....what ever whall I do..
United Kingdom
The response from EZ-Robot would be to use the Contact Us page and ask about individual orders. This has been the response in the past and as Richard stated earlier DJ has said that the community forum is intended for technical questions and discussions about EZ-Robot products and projects (see below).

The community is unable to answer any questions regarding individual orders.

My response is, and always has been, to use the Contact Us page and ask via that. Aislinn will respond with information regarding your order.


the Contact Us is for customer support and not technical support. The forum is for technical support. Contact Us is for customer support. Use the forum for technical support to determine if there is a hardware defect. Once the forum has detected a hardware defect, then you may Contact Us for customer support.

Customer Support is not Technical Support. The forum is for Technical Support and the Contact Us is for customer support. Customer Support (aislinn, etc) are not technical and unable to assist you with technical questions.

The Forum is for technical support:)

That is a quote from DJ from post #46 of this topic.

Jason Z has also said to use customer support for individual order enquiries in this topic.
Yep, just referring to the arguments people keep having, I have heard some informative stuff from ez robot when these questions are asked. If there is not an informative answer to be given on an initial question then I don't think it should be answered. Then these discussions won't be filled with useless repeated information, all I'm asking.

I DO work for ezrobot and have posted in this thread already. The Riches have the right of it. If you want a personal response from us at the ezrobot team (we are more than happy to oblige), but you must use the Contact Us page. The forums are primarily for technical support and community interaction. We appreciate all of your contributions and are very excited to deliver these awesome robots to you as soon as we feel that they meet our standards and will be something you truly love and enjoy.

Riches, I love you guys, but just let it lie. We will be happy to respond to these frustrations while you guys focus on helping people grow with their robots :-)

Jake - Business Development & Sales Coordinator
Very well said Jake, especially the second paragraph, thank you
"Cory Blair (EZ-Robot)
Oct 27 07:08 AM

Hi John,

Thanks for your question! Your order is set to ship this week. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Happy Building!


we will see if it's here for trick and treat day...


not to rain on the parade, but i got that exact same email from Cory. i am hoping it is not just some automated response. my order # is 12-4168. it would be awesome if it is true and very disappointing if it is not.


with all the free forum software out there, you guys chose one that has limited capabilities with regards to being able to have sticky posts, such as Forum Etiquette, and other rules of engagement. perhaps you guys should consider changing the format to be more of a traditional forum style rather than this blog style. if you truly are trying to foster open communication and build a strong support system, then why not have the tools to make that happen more efficiently? as a suggestion, i have used YAF in the past and it has worked well, plus contains all the bells and whistles to accomplish this.

i should not have to come in to the forums to find out why my order is delayed. unfortunately, i do, and as @rich pointed out, there is more information in the forums about such things than what has been communicated directly to me via emails. it is a double standard.

I have not seen anyone on these boards say they have received their Roli. At this point, has anyone received a Roli? Have any of them shipped?
United Kingdom
@cdkisa the forum software was built from scratch by DJ (for various reasons, security being one of them).
The forum etiquette was a stickied topic before however something must have happened somewhere along the line to unstick it.

However EZ-Robot do listen to feedback so post the functions you think the forum should have and I'm sure they will consider adding them.

We do use macros for common questions that automatically fills out the support ticket for us. However it is not "automated" there is always a ez-robot employee that is checking your order and applying the macro.

Roli's have started shipping late last week. We had part of our team in China all week setting up the assembly line and enforcing quality control checks. You guys will start receiving Roli's really soon!
just my luck it will show up while I am out of town Friday-Tuesday..... But that is why I have it going to my office, so someone will sign for it and lock it up.


Thanks for your suggestions, though it is not something in my realm, I will pass the information on. If you click the "General Discussion" tag, the first post stickied is "Forum Etiquette", but perhaps it should be everywhere. Regardless, I don't feel anyone broke the etiquette there was just a lot of frustration being voiced.

You have to understand why the communication happens the way it does. Every time we put together a mass email, we pick and choose and deliberate as a team exactly what we want to pass on. Which takes a lot of time from those involved when we should be focussed on getting these robots out. Those of us who take the time to answer on the forums are doing so in between tasks in a day. So this is off the cuff so to speak. Please value that we do try and communicate.


That is correct. Nobody has received ROLIs. As Cory said ALL ROLIs were being held back and while 3 of our team members (that's 33% of the company!) were in China they helped our manufacturers assemble them correctly and they started shipping them last week so they could possibly be arriving in people's hands tomorrow or the day after!
@Zap... This is the news you have been waiting for.... I am happy for you, man...Hope yours ships now...:)

I know I complain but trust me, I don't hound these guys nearly as much as I get hounded about it.
@Zap... LOL. I don't think you complained..... much.....:P

Anyway... we'd all appreciate an unboxing video or pics if you are up to it... I am now thinking seriously about re-ordering a Roli...
I plan to do an unboxing video assuming I am one of the first people to post one. It will actually be me doing the video and my son doing the unboxing. I'm sure he will be super enthusiastic about it.