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News Article , Amazing Hexapod!

This video footage of a hexapod is amazing! May it inspire EZ-Robot builders!:)
Amazing Hexapod


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Ok ! Inspiration for those who haven't seen it .......Well I hadn't seen it and thought it was pretty cool. Are his vids posted here on the Forum? If so I apologize for the repost. I would definitely like to see those vids!:)
United Kingdom
Pretty awesome, great inspiration, thanks for sharing it!:)
Thanks for the links @irobot58 and @Anthony-XLRobots.com They've brightened up my boring Good Friday
The controlled rolling action of that hexapod is amazing!
If you watch the intro video in Anthony's link you'll see an incredible collection of this guy's bots and a staged battle between some of them. I don't know who has more fun with them, him or his kids?!
Thanks irobot58! That was a ton of fun to watch. There must have been a ton of programming to make that thing move like that.