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Newbie Questions Getting Started Very, Very, Soon.

Hi Everyone,

I have a few questions. I will be ordering very soon.

I have very little programming experience however I am willing to learn. I would like to create a security rover robot which I can control from my home computer over wifi.

I think DJ is incredible. He has really empowered a whole generation of people.

Since my main concentration will be on autonomous robots as well as interaction via my PC and tablet I would like a method to create a custom GUI I would like to add color, buttons, backgrounds, etc. for a personal touch. Are there any tutorials or programs anyone could recommend?

I have a MAC and iPad however I am willing to invest in a cheap laptop for my new hobby :).

I am also wondering about the camera. I guess I could always connect and power an ip camera to my robot so I guess that won't be an issue now that I think about it I'm just really excited. I have so many ideas in my head. Which brings me to my last question. Is there a way for registered users to port their creations to a smaller board for multiple projects ? In the future I can see an additional board however this will become very costly as the project could grows and believe me it will grow ;). I will give you an example. I recently started build quadcopters. I love building them. In less than two months I have built over 7 of them now picture all of the motors, batteries, esc's, supplies, controllers I have bought OMG!!! Actually never mind I don't even want to think about that lol.

I hope to have pictures to share with you all soon. This seems like a great community.


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Is there a particular reason why you don't want to just use the ARC software? You can get a autonomous security robot up and running without having to code hardly anything at all.
Hi Choyster,

Thank you for your reply. It isn't that I don't wish to use the software. I would just like to personalize the user interface. Lately I've been working with Xcode. I think it would be nice for my growth and development to have the ability to represent sliders, buttons, input fields etc in different shapes, sizes, colors, etc it would really help me learn more about GUI something that I've been interested in for a long time. I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you.
That takes lots of programming experience , you won't be able to setup a reliable interface without it
Hi jstarne1,

Thank you for our reply. I guess I figured it would not be to difficult especially after using Xcode which so far seems to be inline with what I would like to be able to do.

I'm sure this will be addressed at some point giving the fact that people love to customized everything.

I remember before selling my Motorola Xoom within a week or so of buying it I gave it a whole new custom ROM of course it was from following information found etc but I was able to piece together different information and create something unique. This is a great feeling for me. I guess I'm just so use to doing it to everything I own I didn't really really think about the process.

I think I will start exploring software options.
Build the robots first , get them working with ez board then do software interfaces. You will never know if you gave hardware or software issues if you don't have at least one part of the problem bug free first. Trust me. Plus as you make your bot you may come up with interface ideas.
Hi jstarne1,

Thank you, I will follow your advise. Take care best wishes.
@cheekid ARC as contorl software will remain in Windows and can be used by installing Windows on a Mac in Bootcamp. We'll release a How-To eventually on connecting the EZ-B with VMWware, but it isn't reliable.

As for your iPad and iPhone.... Stay tuned in the next week for a big announcement. Ssssssssshhhhhh *cool*
great news! too bad i have android. i cant accept i might by an apple product!!!!

for all the good you do Sures, this one hurts.

@hoolagen1 DJ already showed an Android proof of concept so something may be happening on that front too. If you just want Android as user interface, but will still gave a pc in communication range of your bot, there are a bunch of options now and will be one more once i have some time to sit down and write some code, month or two away).

I'll write a post tonight about android options available now after dinner. Posting from my Android phone on the DC metro now, so too many typos for an in depth post.

Hey All, welcome cheekid!

I am working on my HA interface to EZ-B and will give a preview soon. Thanks to DJ''s allowing Script commands via TCP/IP I can now do some interfacing. I have not yet asked but wanted to see if the VB script in ARC is working yet? I cannot seem to get it going and wonder if it is enabled? Alan, sounds like you are enjoying the DC metro in the lovely weather we are having this evening!


Hi Everyone,

This is such an awesome product and community. I feel so happy to be apart of this. DJ that has me really excited I can't wait to begin.

kkeast thank you.

Looking forward to keeping in touch with you all. Take care everyone best wishes.
naw im trading in my galaxy tab and getting a windows tablet, with pen input....i want to take wall-e to my buddies house to show him off...i was just messing....
@hoolagen keep your galaxy tab

@cheekid thank you very much:) I am incredibly proud of the EZ-Community. I don't think we've ever experienced an argument or anything negative. You all mean a great deal to me. Every purchase of an EZ-Robot product helps pay for our development which results in more features for you.... It's a lot of work, but your loyalty and respect makes it worth it!

We're working on our press release to discuss the mobile device thing....:) I can barely refrain my excitement!

I also spent the evening with EZ-Bits... I'm very close.. I have a more powerful motor controller. And, the latest ARC supports PWM, which is an important part of the new motor controller.

Oops, i've said too much!

That sounds awesome DJ. I'm with you bret.tallent ! I took my Arduino MEGA out wrapped it, packed it, and put it in storage. It's a nice controller however DJ IMO just took the robotic society to a whole new level. Not only is the product awesome but the support, community, and his constant attention set the bar to an untouchable level.