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Newbie Questions

Good day to everyone. I am new to this site with just having heard about Ez-Robots from my wife who saw it on a TV show.

I am 45 years old, and do electronics, Repair/Restore/Make Parts for Classic Arcade Games and always wanted to explore more into robotics. Having made my own really basic and kinda crappy RC ones from old RC Vehicles I salvaged, when I was younger. What I really liked about the JD was its simple to assemble, easy to program and get up and going. I just have no time to learn programing languages etc right now, other then basic stuff, so these robots look amazing to me.

I do have a few questions I hope I can have some help with, sorry for the newbie questions..

  1. I plan to get the JD Humanoid robot with the 4n1 Orientation sensor soon. But was thinking having a different colored robot would be even more awesome. So do you think that buying something like Developer kit and anything else needed and having 3d printed parts made in the color/colors I would like? Or would it be better in the end to just buy the complete kit and play with it, with later on printing different colored/Modified parts? That question being both $$$ wise and just easier in General to get the kit or parts and 3d print what I want in the colors I want.

  2. Something I was wondering is if I say had the head printed in Black, would the lights in the eyes still work? I am thinking not because it would be a dark plastic. Any way around that, that anyone has tried?

  3. I saw in the CAD files there was servo case files but they were not linked. Does this mean you can print new cases for the servos?

I thank you in advance for any advice, ideas, suggestions. Thank you Kindly Ken :)


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3D printed robots are not great quality. I would not recommend a 3d printed part unless they are custom. Our parts are injection molded with high quality plastic. The clipping mechanism tolerance is incredibly important and 3d printing does not provide you with that accuracy.

You can paint your robot, I guess - if you want a different color:)

Maybe use a Plastidip - because it can be peeled away and change the robot color daily or weekly lol


Thank you so very much for the reply. I have no experience with 3d printed items, and was not aware of the quality/strength etc, I had thought it would be close to the original for strength, good to know that is not the case. I really like the plastic dipped idea, I will have to try that maybe.:)

Looks like its the complete kit after all.:) Thanks so much. Ken


Put it this way, 3d printers are neat but the technology is very early adopter still. We 3d printed our prototypes before tooling for injection molded. The printers are a little bit of a headache when they clog, broken motors/wires or leaking plastic. There's other issues as well, such as the time. Some parts can take up to 32 hours - and if the print fails on the 31st hour of a 32 hour print - you lose hair:D

Here's photos of the quality difference between injection molded and 3d printed...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


WOW! I had no idea on that! Well there goes me wanting a 3d printer right now. LOL I will wait till they work out the kinks and make them awesome.

Just will concentrate on getting my JD and having fun. LOL

Thanks so much for all the help.




here a tip ,order your jd separt from the sensor cause they are pre-order. and here a nice video for you to injoy.


DJ Sures , Thank you for posting the 3D Printed and Injection molded pictures. It really gives you a clear difference in the quality of the two ways of doing the parts. Its really handy to have a visual difference like that.

Nomad, thank you for that tip. I just noticed that it was pre-order after you mentioned that. That sure is a must get item I am thinking.

Awesome video, thank you! The tracking of that duck is amazing. These units are simply amazing! I love all that you can do without being a programmer, and if your a programmer you can even go farther. Super Excited, just have to finish putting together the $$;)

Thanks so much guys, Ken


I believe we will be shipping the 4-in-1 starting this week... Don't quote me on that - but I know it's really really soon. I'll have to ping one of the guys and find out the eta on it.


Awesome on them being available soon. Should work out good timing as I should have the $ by the time it's ready. :)

That sensor looks like a pretty awesome add on. Nice how simple changes are with these guys. I downloaded the software and was playing a little. I like how everything works so well together and how newbie like me can get using it right away.




here's the video off the sensor.


Awesome thanks so much! That sensor is a MUST have that is for sure! I just love how simple it is to add in new items and how simple it is to program and get the robot up and going!:)

Thanks so much for sharing that. Ken