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Newb Question, Can I Edit Poses By Typing?

I am trying to edit poses, and only appear to be able to click and drag to change values for each servo. I want to just click and type values, but that has not worked.

Export and import gives me a work-around, but the rest of Builder is so user friendly I am hoping I am just missing something.

I go into auto position, click settings, then select or create a new frame. Example would be to create a mirror pose of FLY 2, needing 9 servo edits for just that frame.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

FYI, I know this is a technical assistance question, but I don't want to get flagged or banned for misuse.

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Mirroring Frame

  1. Select the frame you wish to mirror
  2. Press NEW FRAME

EDITING There are two ways to edit.

  1. Use the Left mouse button to drag up/down
  2. Use the Right mouse button to open the dialog and use keyboard or mouse to select exact digit

I KNEW I had missed something basic again. Thanks for the help. That was exactly what I needed.

I expect to have my moves like Jagger soon!


Haha, that'a boy! looking forward to seeing them:D

Nice trick to get from 0 to 180, or vice versa is to do this..

  1. Right-Click on the angle selection box

  2. The drop down will be displayed

  3. Use the HOME or END or PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN buttons to skip