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New "Me Too" Kid On The Block

Looks like somebody's trying to copy ez-robot. Not nearly as much bang for the buck as the developers kit.


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That robot doesn't even come close to what EZB can do. It is more like a previous arduino package that I built and quickly outgrew it.
It has a similar looking plastic shell and software that has drop down menus, they even sell a Hexapoda robot. But it is pretty weak considering the price point.
Lynxmotion sells a hexapod... many companies sell similar products... I really don't see the comparison that you guys see... No different than any other robot site when comparing it to EZ Robot in my opinion...
United Kingdom
Not a new company, they have been around since at least February last year which was before Six was announced.

Its arduino based.

The bluetooth connection is the only real similarity.
I don't really see anything wrong with these guys, though they're no EZ-Robot...:P The more competition there is, the more context people have, so they can easily tell that we're the best;)
The company's tag line for its sparki product is "the easy robot for everyone" NCTM the robot is shaped like the casing for the ez v4.
It doesn't really look like it's shaped like the EZ-Bv4 to me. It's a rounded corner box, but that's a pretty common shape. Nothing really distinguishing about it.

And we haven't managed to patent the word "easy" yet;)
I remember this robot, it started as a kickstarter project early last year, and before Sparki they had Hexy which I believe was one of the few early robotic kickstarter projects. Arcbotics definitely owes quite a bit to the kickstarter community which helped launch them in a big way.

I remember them having issues at first as they were new to robotics and used the hextronics HXT900 9g servos for their hexapod legs. Unfortunately (as a few of us on the EZ-Robot forums also found) those servos just weren't cutout to lift that kind of weight. I believe they have it all figured out now and they are doing well for themselves.

As a company EZ-Robot pretty much grew up at the same time as Arcbotics, actually I believe they've had their robots on the market longer than we have and although they have some similar ideals when it comes to education, we definitely both went down our own distinct paths to reach our end goals.