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New Vs Old Cam And Can I Remove The Ir Filter?

Hey guys anyone have all the improvements for the new cam? also can I remove the IR filter like I did with the very first wireless EZ cam? I am trying to see if it would be beneficial to just have all ez robot equipment in my robot instead of raspberry pi recording as the pi is only recording 7-10 frames at 800x600 at best. So maybe the newer 20fps camera would be better? I don't have any of the new cams to try out or test this if someone cold help a brother out ! I know the old one is 10fps. Thanks.


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The specs can be found in a search on the forum - too much to retype

But something you should do is add the v2 or v1 cam as uart. It will be much faster since you have an onboard pc?


Okie Dokie - can the IR filter be popped out of the new cam so it can see IR / night vision like I did with the v3 cam?


the first batch of Revolution cams were 10 fps at 640 x 480 and two boards, the new one is smaller pcb and 20 frames. I have unscrewed the lens and popped out the ir filter, i just don't know if the new ones lens unscrews to do that.


The lens does unscrew, just like the revision 1 camera. I don't know if the IR filter is as easily removed though.



Ah ok, if the lens comes off I can get the Ir filter out even if I have to drill a whole though it. But like in my thread where I did this it was just a little glass square that pops out.



The IR filter can come off, but it is a bit tricky.

If you have a new EZ-Robot camera (where the lens can be adjusted) you can unscrew the lens all the way out and find the glass IR filter at the back side of the lens. You'll then have to squeeze the filter a bit with some pliers to break the glue that holds it in place.

Be forewarned that it's highly likely the lens will break (since it's glass) when you try to remove it so make sure you are 100% certain that you don't want your IR filter any longer.

*Edit: By "new" Camera I'm referring to the v2 Camera (without glued lens)


Maybe calling it "the new camera" isn't helping anyone new to the forum. The word "new" has expired in this sense, as the "new" camera in mention is a few years old already. So it's by far not "new" in any stretch of the definition. :)

It's the v2 camera.


Excuse my ignorance but why would one want to remove the IR filter?


Hellooo Holy, the IR filter prevents a camera from see INfrared light, like the light that night vision cameras use. Once you remove it then you can see that light as a purplish color and mostly white at night. I have a guard Robot that will be out at night and also I would like it to see IR Glyphs for navigation/ point of reference.