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New Videos Uploaded!

Just a quick heads up for everyone on the forums. In case you hadn't noticed yet from our Facebook page, or on the YouTube channel, we have uploaded three new videos for your enjoyment. These are fast-paced 60 second commercials for JD, SIX and ROLI, showing off a few of their capabilities and just how awesome these guys really are.

Here are the links.

JD Humanoid Robot

ROLI Rover Robot

SIX Hexapod Robot

Thanx everyone! Hope you enjoy the vids, and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.


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watch early this am.



first steps off jd great


Thanks for the videos... albeit damage control we (I anyway) do appreciate the work and effort...


Glad you like the videos:) they're not damage control - that's what our forum conversations are for. The videos are promos to support the upcoming media publications that we are being featured in... For some very very, well, worlds largest tech and science magazines. also we are launching our new website soon. There will be plenty of tutori videos coming as well!


That would be awesome... an example of how to use the UART (since the V4 has 3 now I think) would be great. Maybe using it the Roomba as the example?


There are over 200 tutorials planned:) One for every feature of ARC - and a whole series of "getting started" with each robot.

We start filming in 2 weeks. I'm currently out of the office until April 16th traveling for meetings, otherwise i'd be all over the tutorial vids! :D


200? Wow... will be looking forward to it all... Try and get some vacation time in if you can while your away... :)


That is awesome news regarding the Tutorial videos ,

So that when rolli arrives , I can watch the getting started videos and go step by step :)



I think JD can do more pushups than I can


Upper body strength eludes a lot of robot enthusiasts as well, so don't feel bad... :D