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New Version Update Only Has Black And White, No Color

Just thought you would want to know. I just downloaded and installed the program only to find it is in B/W.



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Yes, this is correct and covered in the release notes.

What assistance do you require?..


Just wanted someone to see it. Is it to give more speed by only coloring part of the screen? Or is it a Bug? I will read the release notes. Thank You Rich. Your are ALWAYS a lifesaver!



I really don't see @Rich as a life saver from those black and white icons... LOL, but if you say so Mel...:P


Hey, Richie Rich!

Good to hear from you.


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My sarcasm can't have shown through...

Mel, you have incorrectly used the Assistance Required feature and it seems you haven't read the terms and conditions which go along with using the feature (which require confirmation upon using the feature).


Require Assistance If you are looking for help with your EZ-Robot product, specify this post type. This will mark your new thread so others may help you. When marked as a question, the experienced community will be able to track your issue easily. Remember not to cry wolf! This means, do not flag every post as a question or people may not be eager to help.

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What isn't mentioned there but I want to make you aware of is that misuse of the Assistance Required feature, and therefore leading to giving community members store credit may result in the feature being withdrawn. I'm sure you don't want to be responsible for that!..

This "question" did not need any assistance and my answer did not benefit anyone other than scoring another $3 store credit for myself.


I certainly DON'T want to do that! Forgive me, please.

I DID however want to know if it was a BUG or Intentional. You helped me to figure this out.

I will have to go back and READ the agreements again. I am not a lawyer, so I usually just sign without looking too hard.