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New To Rebotics

Hello all, my name is AJ. I found EZ by happenstance and now I'm hooked on the idea of building a bot. I've been working on an SRAI (stimulated response artificial intelligence) entity build around AIML for some time now. It (Sam) runs on a server in my house. It's a client/server setup so that Sam can answer or work on any PC in the house. I've developed some web interfaces for the thermostat, my email, controlling music and so on, the usual first steps geek stuff. I have plans for smart garage control and ODB2 interfaces for my car (car guy too). I used to patch into my little Japanese tuners for fun before I went for displacement.

I happen to have had an Omnibot as a kid and got the bright idea to mobilize Sam when I found some of DJ's videos. Now I'm thinking canned SRAIs for each bot and a shared body of knowledge hosted from a droid controller (the Star Wars scenario), with Sam still controlling the primary repository. If they can derive their personalities and intelligence independently and Sam can still access each one via the web interface I've read about, this should be fun. They'll all know the same things but have different names and behaviors.

I just ordered a Robie Sr. from ebay. I really liked the larger platform that DJ used with the Omnibot 2000. Although Robie was sort of a middle child, the slightly larger platform will give me room to play at a much better price point than a vintage 2000.

I'll get started prepping the bod when it arrives and start architecting the controler so I can focus on the learning curve of the build when the kits become available. I look forward to learning from you all.

Cheers, AJ


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Awesome! I read a lot of similarities in there for my finding of EZ-Robot and for what I have in place too (and the car guy bit, I've outgrown tuners, it's all about muscle now, which is rare in the UK - nobody wants a 4.2L V8 that does 20mpg at best over here other than me lol).

Welcome to the EZ-Robot forums. Can't wait to see what you do with the Robbie Sr. and the EZ-B.


Hi AJ, glad to read your post and welcome to the coolest robotic site you'll ever encounter. Lots of projects going on and quite a few involve some variation of AI.


Welcome AJ! I cant wait to see what you come up with. You'll find lots of help and advice if you need it. Just ask and you'll be amazed how fast you'll get help. In fact I'm amazed when a post goes unanswered or unresolved.


Welcome AJ ! You will find this Forum amazing and the EZ-B as much. Looking forward to your postings!


Welcome to the community! You're coming in at a great time. The Revolution!


Thanks all! I guess my first questions are, does the code execute entirely on the bot itself or is it dependent on a connected PC? Are all references available to .NET available to the bot? Does the builder software have voice recognition and speech synthesis available out of the box?



The controller is resident in your bot. The code is resident in the Windows PC. They are connected using WiFi on the EZB4. You can see what .Net functions are available by referencing the EZB.DLL. Voice recognition is Windows based as well as the speech synthesis.


Hi AJ! Welcome to EZ-Robot! Looking forward to seeing your project progress. :)


Awesome, thank you! That's great info to get started.

Can one machine operate multiple bots?

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Each instance of ARC can control 5 EZ-Bs however you are limited to a single Movement Panel and there are a few other, smaller limitations.

You can run multiple copies of ARC however it would be a huge demand on the PC.

What's your plan? We will advise you of the best way to tackle it.


5 bots is plenty. I am unfamiliar with the Movement Panel just yet. I really want 2-3 fully autonomous little bots doing random things about the house.

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Personal opinion, get 2-3 small android devices and have them onboard. These can run ARC mobile and control the robot autonomously without the need for a PC which will get bogged down running 2 or 3 robots.


A.J., There is an example file that D.J. created called ARC/ examples/LegacyRobots/MultipleRobots that you can look@ that should be on your hard drive. Welcome to EZ Robot Community. Steve S