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New To 3D Printing Question About Print Layout

Hey all Im new to 3d printing. I bought a cheap printer clone (prusa i3). It actually prints surprisingly well for most small prints. I asked a couple days ago about printing out a full 6 hexapod and downloaded the files from thingiverse. I am using cura 15.04 which I believe is the newest cura software. My question is , can I change the orientation in which a part is printed. For instance when I try to print six's feet they want to print standing up. About halfway through the print they fall over and if not watching on a regular basis I waste a bunch of filament. I tried the gluestick on blue painters tape but it ended up still falling over. Is there a way in cura to lay the part down (more horizontally) and try printing it that way? Thanks for any help. BTW I am trying to do this with PLA if that makes a difference.



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Yeah - the way the objects orient on the software by default is not the suggested way to print. It's the software trying to "guess" which way it thinks. There's nothing stopping you from flipping things around :)

The pegs I print lying down.


Excellent, Thanks. Now I need to find out how to do...

                Thanks again DJ you've been a huge help to me. Have a Merry Xmas!

Hi All, I also have a prusa i3. Im going to print P24 A-01.STL and P23 A-01.STL for make a Lever Servo. can you suggest me the best orientation for the printer?

thank in advaced William


I print those two items on their side


Only one way to find out:) it's the fun (craziness) of 3D printing!


do you think that I have to introduce some Supports + Rafts for have a good quality print?


@WilliamFrasson 3D printing is all about experimenting and fine tuning to see what works best for you... Just print one out and see how it looks... If parts droop or sag then you may need supports ( or more supports). If the part dis-lodges from the print bed then add a raft...


Always always always (times a kabillion) use Raft when printing anything. Every single thing you ever print in your lifetime should have a raft :D. I don't even know why it's an option to disable.

As for supports.. that's up to you. Depends on the printer. Depends on the part. Depends if you care about little stingies of filament hanging inside the part. I rarely print with supports because i don't care about stringies of filament


DJ, Im still learning the 3d printing.So why the raft anyways? from what ive tried, it seems to make the part messy for me. And when is best to use or not use the supports? Im using the xyz junior printer for some time now and been happy with it so far.

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@DJ It depends on what material your using regarding rafting. Using PET-G filament it is almost impossible to remove rafting from your print. I've learnt from bitter experience! stress



@cem... depends on your printer and slicer too... I use rafts on my UP Printers and my wanhao dup i3... I mainly print in abs and petg... I do not have any problems removing the raft and supports for either material... If you are having problems removing the raft perhaps you need to adjust your raft/part offset in your slicer...

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@Richard Yes, I've tried before playing around with the raft & support offset, but didn't make much difference to the raft sticking like glue to the print, may be it's the particular PET-G make I brought? which was ICE filaments, I have a flashforge printer.