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New Thread Not Posting?

Not sure what is going on , but I have posted 2 new Threads with a subject of "humor" but have not seen it Posted?! Each of these postings contain "links" . Has anyone else had this issue?


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You're most likely getting a message in red letters beside the Reply button when you press it. It will tell you what is missing and why the post isn't working.

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DJ beat me to it but it sounds like you may have missed setting the post type, especially since this one posted fine and you have set the post type to assistance required.

When you hit submit did it display the topic with your post like those above this or was it still the form like the reply box?


Ok ....I"ll check that! weird because I've never had that issue ...:) 5 mins apart ....Both are deserving ..A coin toss! Heads(DJ) Tails(Rich).........................toss............Tails!