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United Kingdom
Asked — Edited

New Stl Files In ARC

Hi chaps,

Could someone give us an ETA for getting the latest JD files in EZ-Builder? I'm reluctant to print anything now we've been told that the files have been changed / updated.

If it's not possible to upload them yet, could we know which ones are unaltered so I can print those?


J :D


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All of them have been altered:) They will be updated around Feb 28th 2014 - our office is currently closed while we are in New York for a conference.
United Kingdom
Oh *stress* guess that means no printing JD then ! I've already printed some - guess that's scrap now.

Was really wanting to get him printed ready for the electronics to come !

J *tired*
You can print the parts now, but they won't be as nice as the new version:D The new version has better styling! And the clips fit a little better.
all parts you printed will some day come in handy.its good to have spare parts.i used parts today that i have bouth ,
one year ago.