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New Roli Wired Per Instructions But Forward And Backward Are Reversed In Control

I have a new roli. This one for prototyping at work. When I added movement controls in the EZ builder, forward it backward and backward is forward. What is wrong?


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It sounds like the wiring on the L298 H-bridge is back to front. You can swap the wires around and test to make sure they move in the right direction. Below is a great tutorial created by a forum member that explains how to connect a H-Bridge to an EZ-B, and how to troubleshoot when the motors turn the wrong way...

L298 H-bridge tutorial

And here is the official EZ-Robot tutorial for setting up the H-Bridge for Roli...

That should help you get get your Roli rolling the correct way. Let us know how you get on.


Your Roli is obviously defective... I'll take it off your hands for $50....:D

Kidding .... check the H-bridge/motor wiring:)

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One other EZ-Robot tutorial link I forgot to post. Below is a link with information of what to do when a Roli has exactly the same symptoms as your's is having, and explains what the wiring on the actual H-Bridge itself should look like...

H-Bridge internal wiring

Hope that helps.


The wiring was a mirror image of what it was supposed to be inside Rolli. Corrected it and all is well. Thanks.

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No worries, and pleased to hear you got it sorted.:)