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New Robot Brain Storm

Hey guys, been away from the community for a while, but with the new v4, I got inspired again to built me a robot helper around the house. It have to be at least 4 ft tall. It will be a wheelchair motor base, will use high torque servos. As fas as the body is concern what should I use? Was thinking trash can body.

Something similar to XL-robot Lexi and toy maker Ez-1 or EZ-2. I wish toy maker will sell me one. Really worth the money, they did a remarkable job.


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Yes I do, any help will be greatly appreciated, will your arms be avaliablebfor order in the near future?
A 4' robot would give a demanding presence. I plan to build a larger robot, but using another IRobot Create base.
I also like the AIMEC EZ Robot.
My current robot uses an Umbra designer trashcan I purchased @ Target.
Here's an idea that uses lexi's head shape but aimec's eyes.
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