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New Product Request

I have an idea for a new Ez Bit. Can you make on of the Extension Cube with a tactile sensor. like a soft touch button mounted under a plastic button cap.

So say you hand something off to a claw and want to validate the item . or placement of the bot then you want to just touch to bot to continue the script. it would be nice to have this in an Extension Cube type of piece. I would buy a hand full of them right a way.


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hi .you see ontop this page,3d printing communety.you can choose there your part,
select somebody and talk about what you exactly want.
exstention block
Thanks nomad,

I think I'm going to wait for hex i and JD to arrive and see what i need exactly. hum i wonder if i can get them to add a few ez-bits to my package with out delaying it any farther.

I would like 2x each , Extension Cube , Extension Block, and Clip'n'Play Adapter Plate.

The clip plate relay just to see if a can wire some type of switch to indicate if a part is attached there or not.

I have been watching the forums here and this seem to be an awesome community. I hope that i can give back one day as much as you guys have given.
United Kingdom
Drop them a message using the Contact Us page to see if you can add to your order without messing anything up.
in the collums below under ABOUT you can contact ez for your orders.this page.
Thank for the reply , I think i will.. I'll let you know how it goes.
great love to see your pics.