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United Kingdom
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New Omnibot Power Train

My Omnibot although brilliant is very noisy trundling about.

Also due to the original battery being a big heavy lump it now needs weighing down at the back to stop it lurching or rocking when starting up. Although the original motors are very capable/powerful to pull along all the weight I was wondering if anyone would recommend swapping to modified servo's are they going to be powerful enough and more importantly a lot less noisy?

Suggestions welcome

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What kind of battery do you have? A larger heavier battery (i use a 6v 6amp wet cell) will weigh it down great. Mine doesn't have a lurching problem (at least not much) because of the battery.

For noise, consider surrounding the base in foam. Go to a craft store and purchase a block of soft foam. Use a sharp knife/razor and cut out the foam to fit the contour of the base. That should get rid of most of the noise too.

I don't think the modified servos will be powerful enough. And they will most surely be very slow.

United Kingdom
Ahh I use a 7.2v 5amp Ni MH battery this is no way as heavy as a wet cell as used in the original design. The back wheels aren't properly grounded its an easy fix however to add some weight to his base at the back and I will try the foam to muffle the motor/gear sound as you suggest.

He can certainly lug around around a lot of weight plus a couple of beer cans so modded servo's probably won't cope. I will make the mods and report back on progress.

Today I have been doing a few running repairs to his arms and head servo mounts and I'm planning the next set of upgrades which will be a better sound system and some more LED's
Great! Looking forward to seeing more pics and vids:)

Can you think of a way to make his head track objects vertically? If you do, post a vid! Now that ARC will track vertical, it will be a neat addition
Yeah, the drive system on my Omnibot is insanely noisy as well! I was thinking of trying to "soundproof" it similar to what DJ mentioned but I'd really like to replace it at some point with something a lot quieter...
United Kingdom
I can think of a way to make Omnibot track vertivcal movement but I think we will need to limit the servo range with a max and min value like the ping radar panel does
Perfect! Consider it done:)

I'll post a release tonight
United Kingdom
Cheers I had better start hacking then :)
Darn I won't have time tonight. You can blame one of my clients for giving me a short deadline:P

I'll have something for you tomorrow:D
United Kingdom
Hey DJ there's no rush