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New Object Learning With Script Possible?

Hi, i was trying to make a script where we use speach recognition and say for example: "Train new object", and show a new object to the camera and give it a name via voice, but cant finde any script comands to do that. Is it possible? Thanks. Paulo


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That's because ARC can't do that (yet?) You need to still manually train objects...


Thanks. Would be a cool feature! Paulo


@DJ - Is this a possibility for a future update?


Possibly - there's a thousand other items on the list. Whether I respond or not, I observe all:)


I am once again going to drag a conversation slightly off topic, but your answer brings up something I have been thinking about for a while.

What process do you use for tracking bugs and feature requests? Do you use something like Bugzilla, or just keep a list somewhere? Have you given any thought to making the list of things under consideration (other than proprietary patent-able ideas) and the list of known bugs available to the community? Perhaps with the ability for use to up-vote or down-vote to help you set priority?

I ask because there have been some things that you said you would look at or are on the list that then haven't been mentioned in like 2 years. Others that were bugs that it appeared had been forgotten but suddenly showed up as fixed (and at least one where you said you have provided status but I couldn't find it in any forum topics). I understand reasons not to do this, and it can put you in a precarious position competitively, but I have worked with some vendors who provide this kind of access to registered customers, and it has been mutually beneficial to the customers and the vendor.

Just my 2 cents. Take or leave as you see fit.



Hi Alan, i have my ez-b for 1 month now and think this community is very helpful and agree that a to-do list and the vote idea is great.