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New In The Robotics World.

Hello Everyone,

First, I present me. I am 27 old and I am new in the world of robotics. I like robots since a lot of time but I do not know what can I do. Years ago, I bougth a used Roboquad because, for me, it was the most developped toy. But, after a long time on the web, I found nothing to modify it very cool. Only LEDs colors *stress* .

Today, I found this website and my dreams be back with the EZ Robot Controller.

When I was young, I watched "F/X: The Series" with the small robot (The french name is "Bleuet";) )

My question is : " Is it possible to do something with the Roboquad and EZ Robot Controller ?"

Thank you for your answer.

P.S. : Sorry if my english is not very good.



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F/X Series was one of my favorite shows when i was younger too! It's a good thing you reminded me of it because i'm going to start watching it. I don't remember the robot for some reason, i'll have to refresh my memory:)

You can sure make a roboquad with the controller and software. You can technically make anything, as long as you dedicate the time to it:D

Your english is great! Your spelling is better than mine haha
Welcome! As far as I can tell, theer isn't much the EZ-B can't do. And your english is better than most Americans...:D
There is some free ware that will run your robosapiens from a PC. It can do voice command and scripting . I use it on my robosapiens V1 and V2.Cool soft ware but limited by the way wow wee set them up. It also does other wow wee products and isobot.. When I get home from work I'll send a link to ya if you want. DJs is really cool because you are only limited by your ability and imagination ! JW
Thanks all.

@ww321q Mine is not a RoboSapiens but a RoboQuad. No PC connection with Roboquad.

I read that is it possible to make code in VB.NET. I know this language but is it really possible to do all with the EZ-B. Something like AI for exemple.
My objective is to make an autonomous robot for a lot of things. For exemple : "Go in the bathroom !" and the robot execute:D .

Edit : Is it always necessary to have a PC to play with the robot or is it only for programming ?

@ghicat. The board is a control interface your pc does all the processing. If you want your bot to be completely autonomous without a pc tethered you must install a mini pc. Mini itx motherboards include dual core processors to run Windows between 8 and 30 watts depending on your model choice and hard drive or SD card for memory. I'm using big batteries in a large bot so I'm fine with a regular hard drive.. there are netbooks out there from Acer one that you can get for 80 to 100 bucks on eBay
@ghicat It supports Roboquad V1 . It uses a IR transmitter . It would be capable of doing anything that you could do with the remote . There is no PC connection , just IR from the PC . J.W.
@dj and @ghicat the robot in that fx series was named blue , he was a robot dog , made dog noises. He had 6 legs a head that turned left right up down , a pinhole camera as a face and ultrasonic sensors as eyes. It was a all aluminum chassis. He ran on 10 servos and 5.5ah 7.2v battery nicad battery Velcro to its "belly". He had a tiny Mic too
I was looking for a pic of that robot but couldn't find one
@ww321q This is the only one picture I found with google.
User-inserted image

That the smallest one I found?

@jstarne1 Ok. But I think my Roboquad will be too small to integrate a PC *stress* . And with a PDA, something is possible ?

@jstarne1 You made it for the serie:D to know all about this dog;) .
@ww321q Thx for this video. I know this mod for the RoboQuad but it is "only" a "Do what I want."

I search something to transform my RoboQuad in a ""AI"" *eyeroll*. I read a lot of pages from DJ to understand what is the limits of robotics.

Somewhere, he explain that the "AI" is only a lot of code lines. And for he's Wall-E, he's develop this code since a long, long time. I think that what I want to do :) :) :).

Only a simple question : "Is it possible to start the reflexion on code before having the EZ-B ?
I know . I though you would enjoy seeing all your Roboquad could do .
Hmmmm..... I just recently acquired a Robosapien. I just signed up to check out this software. Can't wait to see.

I think I want to try to hack his body off.... I am scared.