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New Higher Ezb4 Price?

Why has the EZB4 price jumped from 69 bucks to 99 bucks?
Does it have new features?
Why should I keep recommending EZ Robot to people when you keep increasing prices? You are making me question my recommendations?
Free shipping was already increased from 100 to 200 bucks?
Please tell me whats going on?
I know you have new staff and no sales for a long period!
You should have more communication and respect for your home base.
Steve S


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I respect you very much.
I did not hear the comment that prices would increase?
Where is the communication?
Steve S
United Kingdom
It was mentioned in this topic post #3 that pre-sale prices would increase after December, I guess that was moved forwards a little.
Maybe D.J. can explain why the price increase was moved up from December to October 2nd? Almost 2 months?
Where is the communication?
I support EZB, it has a great product, but it should have better communications and support to its home base.
Steve S
I think you need to give DJ a break.... He is not just developing robotics so all we can have fun, but he is also in the process of building a company at the same time.... and that takes money... Just be happy he is giving us the personal attention right now... Because as this company grows (and it will rapidly), there will be far too many of us and too many business responsibilities and requirements of him that it will surely divert his attention from the forums.... Personally I would pay double for his products, but nobody heard me say that, right? :D.... Anyway, I think everyone should stop whining and complaining and let him do his thing....
Thank you RRyerson,
I am just venting my thoughts. I have spent slightly less than $ 1,000 three kits on EZRobot (direct & indirect purchases).
Maybe I should be quiet.
Look forward to your ICreate EZB4 progress.
Steve S
Hi SteveS,
We initially pushed out a lower price for the EZ-B and a few other items as a special sale to our current community. Although we didnt openly advertise this sale, it gave the first group of people who ordered a really good deal, which we thought was fair as most of you had been waiting very patiently for the last few months. While we originally wanted to keep the sale longer, we hit the volume goal very quickly,and unfortunately it would be hard to keep those prices and still keep the electricity on!

Thank you for responding Mark, I understand.
Steve S
I hear you... Nobody likes price increases.... and $1000 is not chump change dude... I have $500 plus on order for various EZB4 products and I am sure I will spend much more soon enough... For reference, my basic Atompro 28 is $62 and the board it sits in is around $25... (Canadian, by the way)... My point is together they are nearly $100 and the Atom doesn't do nearly what the EZB can do... So in that respect, I think DJ is under priced... I give him kudos for offering us Guinea pigs (:D) a cheaper introductory price on the EZB4....

Thanks for understanding guys, our goal was certainly not to alienate any of our users, but give them a reward for being regular users/early adopters on the site. We will certainly try to be a bit more vocal and public with our future sales!

The hardware pricing is well within line especially when you consider that there is absolutely NO charge for the software that is associated with the EZ-B. And when owner/users of the platform have a feature request/idea it is implemented very quickly in most instances.
I recognized the cheap price right away when it was announced. I jumped on it knowing it was a gift to us from EZ robots. I ordered 3 boards not more than 3 hours after the store opened. Thanks for the great price guys! Even now at $100 this is a steal.
If you take in mind just ONE feature change , the integration of WiFi ad hoc in the board and ARC, then the new board has already paid for itself. I bought one of the least expensive units from Sures electronics ( ironic name I know ) which was 38 dollars plus shipping. This was China direct so I believe the faster 5 day shipping was 15+ dollars. Then there is manual install and manual setup to use the WiFi module in place of the Bluetooth. I found out the hard way because the firmware updater is configured to Bluetooth it couldn't connect through the WiFi for a firmware update. So take in mind that 43 dollars difference for the WiFi equipment at best and that the WiFi on the new board is already installed. ARC is already updated to accommodate the faster and more reliable connection to EZB v4. Just this feature alone makes it worth it. Beyond that the 3 times faster processor and integration of sound has earned a big thumbs up from me!
With ez-b you get a lot for your money indeed.
But I also agree that it would be great, if you could see how long ez-deals last.

A time-counter in the shop or the mainpage would be great.
I am sure people would buy more if they had that kind of information to plan a bit.

Btw. What is the pricehistory of the ez-b4 + Revolution robots?
Below are just some numbers that I recall so far and some guesses. Didnt have time to check it thoroughly. Atm still at work.
Please correct and help me to get a complete overview. Maybe even from ez-b v1 on ?!:)

ez-b v4
69 USD from 01.10.2013 - 31.12.2013
99 USD since 01.01.2014 ?

ez-b v4 Developter Kit
no special sale
229 USD since 01.10.2013

Revolution JD
449 USD from 01.12.2013 - 05.03.2014
499 USD since 05.03.2014

Revolution Six
369 USD from 01.12.2013 - 05.03.2014
449 USD since 05.03.2014

Revolution Roli
249 USD from 01.12.2013 - 05.03.2014
449 USD since 05.03.2014 Attention!: Now 2 X 3 servo Arm with Gripper (69 USD) are included
-> effective raise i 131 USD from 249 USD to 380 USD

Personally I think the Roli was the best priced deal and the best choice for people that are completely new regarding robotics.
Especially since the old package incuded 2x LiPo battery + 2x charger

I am happy that I preorder all 3 robots:)
Cant wait for them to arrive so I can set my evil plans for worlddomination into motion;)
Damn stibear, ordered all three! Woop woop
They just were too beautiful to not gonna catch em all and I have to entertain quite a few schoolclasse.^^
Btw. Isnt there some goodie if you got all 3 of them?
Maybe one develeoper kit for spareparts and to build an automated house for them;)

Btw. is there anyone from Germany or nearby (EU) with a 3d-printer, that can help me out?
I will need a few special parts in the near future.
I'm with @Anthony-XLRobots.com, if supply was available, I'd get a ton of them. I think I'd roboticize every appliance in my house, Including my house haha
The introductory price was created to reward pre-order customers. If you were one of the pre-order customers, you were helping us manufacture the product with your pre-order purchase. The regular prices have been posted as of March 1st, 2014. The regular prices are higher than pre-order prices. This is because pre-order customers are rewarded for their faith in our company and product:)

To be frank, we actually lost money on pre-order prices. The pre-order prices did not include a mark-up for the low volume of units that we would be manufacturing.

So, any of you who pre-ordered - congrats for saving a great deal of money on your orders:D And thank you very much for your faith in our abilities to create the most amazing robot product in the world! It's so exciting! You'll be receiving pre-orders soon:D
Revolution robots are like pokemon, gotta get them all!
Pre-Order of Ez-Robot Revolution has been very much like a standard kickstarter project. If you get in early you reap the benefit of discounted pricing. If you procrastinate, the heavily discounted starter pledges sell out but you can still get a discounted price, all with free local shipping or low fixed rate for outside US. When it hits the stores you pay full price and postage for overseas buyers (like me) is ridiculous

In May last year I spotted Sparki the Easy Robot on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/arcbotics/sparki-the-easy-robot-for-everyone?ref=live The cheapest pledge was $99 plus $10 postage outside US. I procrastinated and missed out. Recently I came across an advert for Sparki and checked out the price. It's now $149 and postage to Australia is $40!

BTW an email I got from Ez-Robot on 20 September last year had the following prices: Ez-B V4 $69, Development kit $169, Roli $219, Six $329 and Six $469. I procrastinated for only a couple of weeks and got the development kit for $189. I procrastinated for 5 months and got Roli for just $249. Both fantastic bargains in my book! Even more so when you consider they include postage!

Ez-Robot has issued regular updates of progress and explained delays in a way everybody is able to understand. In addition there was generous compensation given to those who pre-ordered early last year. Most kickstarter project I have pledged to have encountered similar delays. None of them have provided compensation. Few provide satisfactory communication and support?.......don't get me started!
I am a HAPPY EZ Robot customer and have been using EZ for over a year and a quarter.
There are always new features that hold my interest in such a great product.
My robot is usually on almost every day.
I cannot believe the advancements in EZ Robot since I started, and I appreciate them.
D.J. and Staff have been excellent in helping everyone along with the great community!
I also very much appreciated the store credit that was given to pre buy customers and used it to add an addition of extra parts to my order.
The printed keychain and Christmas postcard also show EZ Robot is an excellent company.
Thank You EZ Robot,
Steve S